Nacra 5.8! "Collectors Edition" 
When the Nacra 5.8 World Championship was about to take place in we imported 6 Nacra 5.8's into Singapore. That was the springboard for a higher level of performance than what we had experieneced. Now with the new livery Gulf Racing, this 5.8 is available for sale. It's still a nice easy boat to sail and still wins Club races.
Lying in Singapore Cat HQ, Changi Sailing Club
S$ 7,000

Multihulls available in Singapore.. 

RAW 30! "Kaze" 
Otherwise known as RAW Two, "Kaze" was the second off the line from the Airplay Trimaran series. A 100% CARBON Infused platform, Kaze is solid, stiff, light and fast. The first of SEA's Art Boats, the livery was designed by a New York artist and is actually a deconstruction of the katakana characters for Kaze (Wind). When launcehd Kaze tipped the scales at a cool US$ 240,00. Now heading to the yard for a new bottom and titivate..
Lying in Singapore Multi HQ, Changi Sailing Club
US$ 205,000
WETA tri 
Weta is the most fun small boat you can own. Fun to sail for anyboady skilled or otherwise! One of the original Wetas in Singapore now available. Get into this and jpoin in the Monsoon Season of exploring! 
Lying in Singapore Cat HQ, Changi Sailing Club
S$ 12,000
4SALE! pre-loved 
We've just added this page back into the site and no doubt it will grow! Hopefully it will be more like a classified of interesting multi's....
NACRA 20 Carbon 
This is the king of the beach cats. A 6 X 3 X 10m cat that weighs just 165 kgs. Lots of horsepower, big curved "C"  foils make this cat up and go! Covers, sail box, big wheel trolley, sailing kit. All you need to 'get GO!.. More details coming soon, along with better photos!
Lying in Singapore Cat HQ, Changi Sailing Club
S$ 25,000
AHPC Viper f16 
The Viper F16 is one of our favourite platforms. Small, versatile, powerful. The owner of this one has moved to tim-buk-too and so the Viperrr has to go. Has new sails and spinnaker pole. Riiging was changed not so long ago and all good to go! 
Lying in Singapore Cat HQ, Changi Sailing Club
S$ 12,000
Corsair DASH 750!

"Foreign Talent" 
FT just won the Singapore Trimaran Championship so that should be a good recommendation as to her condition and performance. This boat has been seldom used and is in perfect condition. Dry-stored throughout on a trailer and fully covered. Sailaway a great Dash...
Lying in Singapore
S$ 80,000