​'Kaze III'



AirPlay RAW 30


Asking US$ 205,000

Lying in Singapore

One year old owner moving on after just a year of ownership. Used only sporadically for local club racing....


Call +65 9663 1425 or email

Kaze III is the second boat from the Airplay RAW 30 production line. She is a full Carbon infused trimaran. Now up for sale to a good home. 


'Kaze III' has been active for just a year and a half. She is used for local Club racing and holds the 2015 Round Bintan Island Record. This is the sister ship to the prototype RAW One. All changes that were necessary after having RAW One sailing have been employed on RAW Two 'Kaze'. Kaze is well balanced on the helm and turns just a little wind into a thrilling ride. Being the RAW 30 model, Kaze is a minimalist design but with all essentials for coastal sailing/racing.


Being minimalist in nature KAZE is very easy to look after as systems are simple and the furnishings are the essentials only. Down below the finish is in an impressive raw Carbon with a white finish on some surfaces to brighten up the interior. A full vee-berth forward with two quater berths mid ship. Gas cooker, sink and head are all contained within the cabin making Kaze ideal for weekending or coastal racing. 




First to finish in the 2015 Neptune Regatta, Kaze is equally at home racing at Club or coastal levels. She's also at home gunk-holing and island hopping just like in the Race to 0' 00". During the first leg of the 5 day event, Kaze maintained a 14 knot average and peaked at 21.4 knots on the 40mile leg. 


It's a powerful platform but handles the power very well. The ama's a very full and provide a lot of bouyancy. We have pushed the boat and have found the characteristic to be very forgiving. Even during the breif periods where we have pushed the nose of the ama into the water, it has not bitten hard and there is only a slight feeling of deceleration. 


A professional crew could really push the platform as the ama's have 3000kg of bouyancy to tap. At the same time, an ameteur crew will not be punished and as we have seen with many of the amateur crews that we have had on board, the crews will back-off a long time before the baot has got anywhere near it's limits.


Controls are very simple and so any sailor could readily make sense of the arrangement. The all-carbon dagger board is easily raised by a rope system ditto the carbon rudder blade that retracts. With the appendages raised the draft is 30cm's allow access to some great beaches. The bottom shape that is flat for performance also allows the boat to remain in a stable position on the sand.



Kaze has a single Tohatsu 9hp outboard motor with a charging kit enough to keep the house battery charged. Instruments include Raymarine E7, VHF and AIS. We have kept all the RAW's as simple as possible. House lights are wired-in LED's. 



RAW One was delivered to us in Singapore from the Airplay factory. One was the first of its kind and played an important prototype phase in our year with her. The lessons learned from One's on-water adventures were then built into RAW Two "Kaze". As such, Kaze has benefitted from over a year of trials. This included,

- Aluminium billet block folding strut brackets

- Uprated Carbon beams

- Different rudder balde

- Coligo backstay system

- Plumbed-in toilet

- Higher-density infusion foam

The changes were effected to make further production RAWs all imoroved over the prototype. So RAW Two sails at a higher state of eveolution than RAW One.



We have had a few noteworthy sailors onboard. Their initial impression is that RAW is intimidating! This mainly comes from the lofty rig sizes but once under way a few miles under the keel, the impression molds into one of "it's large, powerful but very well behaved and it surges forward with a nice control urgency" as the volumnous ama's keep the power under control.


We have had the mainhull fly, yes she is a performance platform. But the times the mainhull has come clear of the water is using the Screecher fully strapped on! Windspeed hovering around the 14-16 knots and boatspeed above 17. With the Screecher fully strapped on she is loaded but the control onboard is fingertip as the Screecher carries the CoE quite far forward to keep the helm balanced even though the boat is heeling. It is a nice controlled feeling albeit breath taking the first few times.


Whilst it is recommended to reef in 18 knots, we have carried full working sails (main and jib) in up to 24knots with no hairy moments at all. Powered up like this, the mainhull skips from wave top to wave top with ease. At this state of power, we have noticed that Kaze's pointing ability dramatically increases. Our benchmark for this occassion was a Kerr 40 raceboat that had started some 5 minutes ahead on a short windward leg into a short .5-1.0m chop. At that level, the RAW design finds another grove and the pointing angle easily matches the raceboat but carries 13-14 knots of speed - that's a great feeling.


Pedigree race manners translate into a boat that is easy for anyone to steer. We have had experienced and inexperienced people helm the boat. Apart from the wide overall beam that is a little daunting for some, the sailing manners are very sweet.



Who suits Kaze? It needs to be someone with some sailing experience. The more you want to get out of the platform, the higher up the scale of performance sailing you will want to be. For a more average sailor, the design is friendly enough to not punish anyone. Indeed, we feel that due to the float design and volume, RAW is much easier and more forgiving to sail than many smaller designs that feature less volume in the floats.


The high-volume design offers a high margin of forgiveness in the performance sense but in another sense, it creates a larger interior volume and the mainhull has a lot of headroom. So the interior has a good amount of interior space and there is a huge cavern for storage under the cockpit floor that is accessed via the cabin.


The design leands itself well to the sailor who might want to casual sail with family and friends one day and race with sailing buddies the next. It is relaitively easy to look after as there are no complex systems onboard. Everything is basic and functional. This is especially good in our climate where humidity is very high. The interior features mainly Carbon finish with white highlights and all easily wiped down with no moisture retention.


The more high performance skill that you have just means the more performance that you will be able to extract from the platform but by no means is the design an unweildy character. 


The folding nature does allow it to take up less real estate when stored and that is also a nice feature. That she weighs only 1.5 tonnes means she is easliy hauled or lifted.


We have done the Neptune Regatta numerous times with the RAW's and the cooking/sleeping facilities are ample for the 5 day event. The berths are comfortable as are the large nets! 



Whats good to do? 

Kaze is based in Singapore and will be ready for the next Monsoon sailing season after a new bottom job/dry out/titivate during October. She can then be re-launched and be ready for the Southeast Asian season. This includes Phuket's, Kings Cup and especially the Race to 0' 00" - the Equator Race. King's Cup has become the premiere event for the region and is world covered in the sailing press. The Neptune is a different kind of event with it's island to island style. RAW's have won the event for the last 2 years and we are hoping that Kaze can return to defend her title from Fenruary 2015. Whilst a competition, the Neptune has a very nice atmosphere and the trimaran fleet is not only the largest class but also has the highest family content. The trimaran makes for the perfect boat as it 'parks' on the beach at Neptune Island. Kaze makes the ideal platform to do the Neptune in because, until something larger comes along, she'll probably be the first to arrive! 


Team Pro Sail have been intimately involved with Kaze since she arrived. We are hoping that a new owner can be found and we can continue to have Kaze in the fleet in SEA. We are fully capable of assisting anyone into the platform to ease the transition of sailing a high performance platform.


If you are at all interested in a great boat please contact us.











Construction: Fully epoxy resin Infused Carbon fibre with Corecell foam core hull, floats and beams.

  • Cream Two-Pack urethane topcoat and exterior finish. 

  • Lightweight aluminum folding system that allows the boat to be folded for road legal trailering (2.5m width folded) on and off the water. When folded in the water the floats allow for easier boat ramp launching and hardstand storage with the mast up.

  • 2 Piece rotating 14metre T600 Carbon wing section mast and Carbon boom from Marstrom with slab reefing system. Carbon spinnaker pole. Carbon luff groove for mainsail. Carbon gooseneck fitting.  AWLGRIP flat black paint finish. Dogbones for easy fitting of standard rigging through Dynex Loops. Reefs and outhaul jammers on boom. Carbon diamond stays. Dynex Dux cap shrouds with lashing on the chainplate. Wire forestay. Marlow high-quality rope package. Fixed Lazy jacks. 

  • Includes Sail package consisting of Radial cut Main and Jib

  • 2 x size 40 Harken self tailing Radial winches on cabin top. 2 x Harken self tailing Radial winches on side decks. Harken 8:1 Mainsheet system, 4:1 Traveller and car. Standard Facnor Jib Furler LS100. Spinlock Clutches

  • Lewmar size 60 hatch in foredeck. 2 Lewmar size 30 hatches in floats for storage. Generous storage space cockpit seat lockers. Anchor locker forward. Sliding hatch and hatch boards in companionway. Generous 4 berths. ​​

  • BH Silva flush mount compass. Marine grade SS pulpit and push pit. Wing nets and bow nets. Outboard motor bracket, rudder and cassette with kick up system for safety and beaching. Fully retractable dagger board with control lines to cockpit.

  • Electrical Specification battery box with 4 marinised switches and rotary battery switch. ​

  • Interior with smooth two pack painted finish. Bunk cushions, Galley, SS sink with hand pump and fold away cook top. Galley stowage compartments.RM 69 Lightweight toilet.

Options added

  • Raymarine E7 Chartplotter

  • Vesper Marine AIS

  • Standard Horizon VHF

  • Inflatable 'logoed' buoyancy aids

  • Fenders

  • Docklines


RAW Dimensions

  LOA:                      9.20m     

  Beam:                    6.88m      

  Beam folded:        2.50m    

  Draft (hull only):   0.46m     

  Mast length:         14.0m     

  Dry Weight:           1,580 kg   

  Hull:                       Infused Carbon Fibre

  Outboard:              9hp Tohatsu

  Mainsail:                37.8 sqm  

  Jib:                         21.37 sqm   

  Screecher:            39.3 sqm   

  Asymmetric:          90 sqm