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In the '80's we were part of Hobie Fleet 492 in Singapore and enjoying the "Hobie way of life". In 1990 we brought Nacra Sport Cats into Southeast Asia and launched the brand with our Epic adventure. In 2000 we shifted into high gear with a new formula from Australian High Performance Catamarans. In 2010 we sprouted an extra hull with Corsair trimarans and that brought Seawind to our doorstep. We spent a great deal of time racing multihulls and, in the pursuit of speed set the Malaysian Speed Record with a Hobie Trifoiler. You could say, we've always been nuts for multi's!


Land boss

Alice has been the guiding hands at Pro Sail since it's inception in 1990. Her background in political science and economics got pushed aside in favour of pursuing sailing as a hobby then as a business. Seen here giving some One Sails away to future champions!


Tech' boss

Campbell Jenkins has a long history in superyachts as well as a stint offshore as a Dynamic Positioning expert. Campbell is very technically inclined and comes from a family business based around Mercury Marine, the famous outboard motor company. Most recently, Campbell won the APA powerboat championship in Pattaya, Thailand.

Boat boss

There always has to be one! Scott found himself washed ashore in Singapore 40 years ago and decided that was a good place to get involved in sailing. Back then, the Hobie Fleet was just kicking off and soon became the go-to guy for Hobie stuff. Training in Mechanical Engineering was pushed aside in favour of fibreglass and rigging. Throwing every available minute into going sailing, he soon was fixing, coaching and racing! With somewhat of a creative streak his talents are sometimes employed in vinyl wrapping the boats in the fleet...


Someone has to be the dreamer. May as well be me!

nacra coffee crew_edited.jpg
nacra coffee crew_edited.jpg


It's a good combination of abilities and typically we can take a novice, get them into a boat and take them all the way up to racing level. Basically, we don't just sell the boat but rather the program that goes with the it!

We've put boats into all countries in SEA and as far flung as Pakistan. The biggest brand name that we have worked with is Gunboat Catamarans and that included the delivery of a GB60 from Singapore to Xiamen, China to change the electric motors. Working with the GB Factory in Xiamen, we did 2 years of development work on a new design 30 trimaran, exciting but exhaustive!

We've always supported the brands that we have and have moved into components with One Sails and Selden Yacht Parts. 

Over the last ten years we've been working with One Sails concentrating to develop the sail package for the Corsair Trimarans in our fleet. That has been a very educational journey in materials and design and is probably what we have enjoyed the most.

Where we came from.

Pro Sail Asia commenced life around Alice Lim and Scott McCook. We really just wanted to enjoy our Hobie sailing, travelling to different venues for the various championships around the region and the world. That was our motivation and pretty much still is.

We have always been multihull fans and always will be not that there is anything wrong with monohulls as we have raced a few of those too! But we just gravitate back to multi's as that is what we cut our teeth on. We still race on beach cats whenever we can!

We've managed to grow by being simple with what we do and always enjoying what we do. We've had so many good hours on the water that we feel others need to discover sailings charms, especially when you can go faster than the wind!

In 1996 we embarked on our craziest sail to date. Sailing a Nacra 5.0 sport cat from Singapore to Phuket, Thailand and back. We were really touched to be recognised by His Majesty the King of Thailand for our effort as the His Majesty had sailed his OK dinghy across the Gulf of Thailand in his youth!

From there, we pretty much progressed from adventure to adventure and, boat to boat.

What we enjoy most! Trucking along on our 'vintage' Nacra 5.8. Tough as an old boot and still winning!
Photo by Captain Marty on the occasion of the Neptune Regatta onboard RAW 30.

Where we're going...

Our long path through the smaller beach classes has served us well with lots and lots of 'seat time'.

We've ended up in bigger boats purely due to evolution. We raced a Farr 40 at Kings Cup then a swan 80, all great fun. Apart from sailing the Nacra 5.0 Sport cat on the Phuket Epic, we helped deliver a Gunboat 60 from Singapore up to Xiamen, China - nice, very nice dodging a typhoon along the way. That trip was rewarded with a billiard-table smooth trip Singapore to Nha Trang, Vietnam on a Nauticat 44. Those are the perks that keep us going!

As we celebrate our 31st year in business we have many good things in store. We love working with some of the best brand names, this includes Selden hardware as well as ONE Sails. With those two companies onside we have managed to really compliment our boat range.


But perhaps what really sets us apart is that we are multihull enthusiasts through and through. We don't sell anything we haven't used ourselves. We have our own boats to enjoy and always will.

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