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Pure and simple. We have a deep seated passion for multihulls and to just keep going faster as the years pass! We started with the iconic Hobie Cat in its hey day and then just gradually moved through different platforms. We cut our teeth sailing beach cats up and down the coast... We still do the same now only on larger trimarans...  

We have been multihull aficionados all along. We’re a small but enthusiastic outfit that has placed multihulls into Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.


At Pro Sail Asia, we pretty much live and breathe multihulls. We started Pro Sail Asia in 1990 to introduce high-performance platforms to the region. Throughout the 90's we built up the Nacra Fleet and then into the new millenium we introduced a new light-weight wonder - the Taipan 4.9 from AHPC.


This was followed up with the Viper F16. The move to 'hyper speed' was marked with the introduction of the stunning Nacra 20 Carbon - the maxi beach cat. Then we made the shift into trimarans to better suit our adventure saliing demands.

We’ve got plans to liven up the sailing scene and we see coastal racing as the key to even more adventure.  Southeast Asia is blessed with sunshine and non-threatening sailing conditions. 


More coastal racing will be our focus for the period as it hasn’t really been done here for a long time. But apart from that, we want to see more people discovering the joys of multihulls in Southeast Asia! We are driven by a deep seated passion for multihulls and the need to go faster, easier and now we have a good little fleet of trimarans in Singapore! 


We can see that the trimaran platform will pave the way in the future. It's fast and very manageable. People coming into multihulls from mono backgraound are always amazed with the way the tri' handles... Well it should. Handles like a mono, goes like a cat!

Slowly by slowly multihulls have gained traction in Southeast Asia. We've been playing our part since 1990so its good to see them everywhere as they really suit the conditions here in Sutheast Asia.


Our 'next' is, more adventure and raid style racing down through the Indonesian Archipelago. Imagine having 16.500 islands on your doorstep! That's exactly what the archipelago is. If you started today and went to a new island every day, one life time would not be enough to cover them all... But it's a good start!



Apart from racing, we’ve also placed catamarans into some rather more exotic locations that includes Karachi Yacht Club, Pakistan and Hanoi, Vietnam as well as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.


At one stage, we helped to set an officially-unofficial speed record in Malaysia for the Malaysian Book of Records at 34.6 knots in front of Langkawi Yacht Club using “the best boat we have ever flown” - the Ketterman Hobie Tri Foiler... What a machine, so far ahead of its time!

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