What's your Alibi? Alibi's are built in Thailand so if you are looking for a premium performance catamaran in Asia, the Alibi makes a lot of sense.


For starters, it's the brain child of someone who really knows cat sailing - that he is French just makes it even more sensible! But its far more than that...


It bristles with innovation and was probably the first cat that we know of that offered a hybrid system long before anyone else made a big deal about it. Loick works in a quiet manner preferring that the Alibi speaks for itself. Four Alibis 54's have been produced and the 65 Custom is out exploring Asian waters already!


High building standards make this a light weight platform. It's a labour intensive process and so producing the Alibi in Thailand means cost savings over producing the same craft in Europe. What was a fledgling industry in Thailand just a few years ago has been propelled way forward as more expertise flooded into the country.


Loick is not one to sit still and the Alibis reflect his pursuit of performance nirvana. As mentioned this craft is for those who can appreciate the performance end of the spectrum. If you are looking for a double door fridge in each hull, this is not for you!..


If you can appreciate,

- a rotating wing mast

- assymetric daggerboards

- carbon material

- 3 position helm station, covered/semi protected/outboard

you might be able to understand that this boat will sail in a crisp manner.


Much of Loick's attention to the details makes a huge difference to the overall aspects of the boat. Take for instance that there are many designs of cat's. Most modern ones have nice modern lines and then you see the same boat at the marina and it has a RIB hanging from a davit and the lines don't look so good anymore!


Having a boat as a drawing, well most look good but the real world necessitates things like a dignhy which seemingly most designers simply forget. Loick's solution was interesting engineering! The dinghy retracts into the front deck or rather, the front prod. On most cats the front beam arrangement is the standard one across the bows. On the Alibi, Loick's unique solution was to have a wishbone prodder running from the mainbeam to forward of the bows. Not only does this retract the dinghy in a unique way but it also adds lateral strength to the prodder and negates the need for lateral 'whisker wires'. 


We had the chance to sail Alibi 54.01 'Eleven' with Loick from Tioman Island, Malaysia back to Singapore. The Alibi 54 is the production boat from the builder and although it's in production the owner can still have control over how the boat is finished and even the layout inside. Eleven was setup to suit this owners particular taste which was minimalistic in a very apt and modern manner.


We just had the opportunity to see the Alibi 65 at the Singapore Superyacht Show and the 65 shows just how much custom work they can and, will do. The is very tastefully done but the magical part is the way the interior sapce can morph to accomodate differeing requirements.


We enjoy the ALIBI for its perforamnce slant and mixed with its modern Zen styled interior you get a cat that is just as pleasing to look at as it is to sail.











Video essay

ABOVE: Here's a cool video of the 65 and the 54 on the water together.

BELOW: The video that will show you some of the innovation behind the ALIBI. Cool stuff especially the wishbone prodder and what it makes possible.