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We started on the beach sailing with the "Hobie Way of Life", now only a few people will remember and that gives our age away! But beach boats gave us the thrill and the seat of the pants experience that we would put to good use in the coming years. In the 80's we did Hobies. In the 90's we moved to Nacras. In the 2000's we shifted gears with the Formula cats from AHPC. In the 2010's, we leapt up to trimarans. We've raced on one hull, two hulls and three hulls. So we have a selection of boats to fill most needs although we prefer the stability and speed that multihulls offer.

Fast! zooming along since 1990. 


We cut our teeth sailing beach cats when we were younger. It was the easiets way to get a 'fix' dangling from a trapeze and skimming the waves. Nothing is was pure and simple as that. We spent ages racing Hobies and tracking around the Hobie Way Of Life. In the 80's it really was a Way Of Life. In the 90's we shifted gears and moved into the Nacra brand. By the 2000's we'd found the Goodall Boats and with the Taipan we shifted again into the high performance side of things. Now it's come a full circle with the big Nacra 20 Carbon being at the pinnacle of beach cats. If you want a simple formula for a good time on he water, you can't beat a good beach cat.


Nacra 460 - the great little speedster of the range. A lot of fun i n a small cat.

Nacra 500 - we sailed an old Nacra 5.0 from Singapore to Phuket and back. They do anything!

Nacra 570 - a powerhouse if you can find one!

Nacra F16 - this has now sprouted full foils and that should get it out of the Olympic shadow!

Nacra 17 - the Olympic platform. Say no more!

Nacra F18 - the Infusion package is the easiest F18 platform to jump on and get in the medals!

Nacra 20 Carbon - pinnacle of beach cats. Enough said!


Goodall Viper F16 - we love the Viper.

Goodall C2 F18 - a great boat if you are into F18's.



Trimarans are great!

But we think, trimarans are us! They go like a catamaran and handle like a monohull. Amongst the trimarans we have a few folding varieties and a demountable 40 footer. All of these fit into a container for shipping purposes or fit onto a road trailer and herein lies the real appeal of the trimaran - portable performance. Whether sailing with a gun crew or just coasting along with friends and family, the trimaran is a versatile tool.



WETA Trimarans

This is the baby of the pack and is probably the most fun you can have on the water. Anybody can sail this boat and feel happy. It's been Boat Of The Year and that comes as no surprise after you sail one. It's gone on to sell 1000 copies so that should be proof enough!


Weta - the more it blows the Beta it goes!



CORSAIR Folding Trimarans. 

Corsair were the first to use the patented Farrier Folding System into a production trimaran. The Corsair 27 went on to become a sales success. Since then Corsair have produced 5 different models over the last 20 years. Great brand name and good family friendly trimarans.

Corsair Dash 750 

Corsair Sprint 750

Corsair 28RS

Corsair Cruze

Corsair 37



AIRPLAY Folding Trimarans

The emphasis of Airplay Trimarans is a performance sailing a folding trimaran. Folding trimarans have their unique appeal which has much to do with added mobility. Whereas the Corsair is the most successful folding design, Airplay wanted to add more performance to the platform that what has previously been available on the market. The end result of a very modern design is greater ease of use coupled with more performance across the board. Construction in China allows the design to be marketed at lower finacial levels.


Airplay RAW 30





This is really Smart Yachting. This 40' platform is designed to demount and pack up into a 40 container for shipping/moving. The Smart Tri 40 was designed by Dani Colyn who has extensive experience with multihulls and needed a trimaran to fit his frame. Years of raceboats led him to ethos of "it must have a decent generator so we can have air-conditioning to sleep in, hot water whenever we want it and then enough electrical power to push the baot with electric motors."


This is one Smart boat!