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We got the bug for Nacras Race boats way back in 1996 when we received our Nacra 5.8. Since then the Nacra Design team has kept the evolution alive. Nacras Race platforms  now include the Youth Olympic Nacra 15, F16, the Olympic Nacra 17, the Formula 18 and the ultimate Nacra 20 Carbon. 

Sailing the Nacra 5.8 all those years ago was a huge shift for us. Overseas the F18 Class is the biggest division we skipped over the 18 and landed on the F20 class in the form of the Nacra 20 One Design. The main reason for this is the 'bang for your buck" factor. The Nacra 20 One Design was the same price as the 18, better a longer waterline then! Below are the race line up platforms we think are relevant. We include the Nacra 5.8 in the line up as it is definitely, the most bang for your buck! 

nacra 15 one.jpg

Nacra 15

Pint sized race platform that bristles with all the race-tech from the Olympic 17 and the F20 but with a few tricks of her own!

The 15 can be sailed solo or two-up. There are three foil configurations to suit everyone's abilities.
1. Straight boards - conventional

2. Cee foils - semi foiling mode

3. Zee-foils - full foiling mode

One boat, 3 modes 2 configurations!

The 15 was a clean sheet design for the Youth Olmypic Class. The platform is suitable for a lightweight crew or a solo adult to get up and go.

Within our fleet, we have two 15's in private ownership and the rest of the 15's are with the Singapore National Team. The 15 is really the pathway to the Olympics.

Having the different foil configurations allows the boat to be sailed as 'conventional' with straight boards and then the Cee or Zee foils can be plugged into the same boat to alter the characteristics. So it is really possible to go from 'displacement' sailing to full foiling as ones talent develops.


  • Wave piercing

  • large volume hulls 

  • Non skid soft deck technology

  • Double trapeze

  • Extra bulkhead construction

  • Foam sandwhich fibreglass

  • Square top mainsail 

  • Tapered race battens 

  • Self tacking jib

  • Midpole snuffer

  • Mesh trampoline with pocket 

  • Adjustable carbon rudders 

  • Rudder winglets

  • Kick up rudders 

  • Quick release rudder connection 

  • Anodised spars 

  • 10:1 mainsheet system 

  • 16:1 downhaul system 

  • Bearing traveler car 

  • Adjustable chainplates

  • Plastic coated side stays 

  • Captive mast step system 

  • Semi eclipsed front beam 

  • Adjustable dolphin striker 

  • 1 year limited warranty


Length: 4.7 m

Width: 2.34 m

Sail area Mainsail: 13.77 sq m

Jib: 3.28 sq m

Spinnaker: 15.91 sq m

Mast height: 8.71 m

Weight: 150 kg

Flying 15...

nacra 58 white.jpg

Nacra 5.8 Bridle foil

The Nacra 5.8 turned the catamaran world upside down when it hit US beaches in 1983 for its massive proportions in comparison to the regular beach cats of the time. In 1990 the 5.8 made Australian shores and went on to become Australia's largest One Design race cat class. When the F18 Class grew in Australia, 5.8 numbers suffered but in the modern world, the prohibitive cost of the F18 has seen a revival in the 5.8 Class.

In 1996, we set up the 5.8 Class in Singapore with the first shipment of 6 platforms and that was the beginning of our race cat lives!

The 5.8 is one robust platform and over the years, there has been some developments that have brought the weight down and bumped performance up!

The 'new' 5.8 has benefited form a new square head mainsail that makes handling easier with more speed.

We include the 5.8 in our list as for a high performance boat, the 5.8 is now a real bargain. 

This is the most cost-effective way into a new high performance cat.


  • Foam sandwich hulls

  • Non skid decks

  • Grey mesh trampoline

  • Round cross beams

  • Anodised spars

  • Coated shrouds/rolled sage

  • Double trapeze system

  • Adjustable kick up rudders

  • Ackerman steering system

  • Carbon rudders and daggerboards

  • Captive mast ball system

  • Sta-master diamond adjusters

  • Adjustable spreaders

  • Exclusive bridle foil

  • New Pentax square top mainsail

  • Vertical cut racing Dacron jib

  • Racing battens

  • Harken mainsheet system

  • Harken traveller car

  • Barber Hauler

  • Mast spanner controls

  • 10-1 main downhaul

  • 3-1 jib luff system


Length : 5.8m

Width : 2.44m

Weight :170kg

Sail area: 22.75m2

Trapeze: 2

Construction: Vinylester

Designer: Roy Seaman

Onboard a 5.8

nacra 20 fcs.jpg

Nacra 20 Carbon

If you have a large budget for the ultimate beach cat, you can't go past the Nacra 20 Carbon.

The C20 came into being when designers for Emirates Team NZ ventured into catamarans for the Americas Cup campaign. The training mule was a boat called the SL33. Shortly after that, Gino Morelli announced to the world, a carbon semi-foiling beach cat! 

When it was launched, we imported four of the platforms into Singapore as the 20 One Design was no longer in production.

The M&M Design team didn't hold back on this one. It's a full Carbon boat with only the crossbeams being alloy to help keep costs in check! 


This is a big platform, 6m long, 3m wide, 10.5m high! All up weight is comparable to an F18 for a whole lot more boat!


When we sailed it for the very first time, the Cee Foils kicked in at about 14 knots but speed and it quite literally leapt out of the water leaving us shaking as to what had happened. What happened, welcome to foils!


But the 20 is no monster to sail.

The standard Cee Foil boat is actually pretty gentle. The stretched beam allows it to accelerate first and then start to fly and the way it accelerates is really amazing!


So far none of our boats have converted to the full-flight FCS model. That's a reflection of our sailing environment and not the boat as we live on the Equator with light puffy winds. Well that and a cost factor!


Anything with foils is not going to be cheap! Foil technology is such that the hours in design and manufacture translates to big dollars!


Our N20C fleet is now about 10 years old and the baot values are roughly half price of the new platform at E43,000! But even at that price, it's a good figure for anyone that wants a double wind speed boat!


Super fast, what more do you need!

Length : 6.2m

Beam : 3.2m

Mast length : 10.5m

Weight : 180 - 200 kg depending on the model.

Construction : Carbon mate!

Designer : Morelli and Melvin, gods!

Take a look at the FCS

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