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Our first brush with a Seawind catamaran was in 1983 when the original Seawind 24 made its way into the local sailing scene in Singapore and with much chagrin, carted off the most prestigious Tatler Trophy at the peak of the Northeast Monsoon. As they say, all good things spring from humble beginnings and today the Seawind marque are well respected true blue ocean cruisers.

Our most recent exploit with a Seawind, 6 Days, 780nm's, SW1260 delivery from Nha Trang, Vietnam to Singapore. This allowed us a lot of time to get a good feel for the 1260 'offshore' as well as collect a fair bit of data. The delivery occurred mainly due to the exorbitant shipping fees currently in place. So instead of shipping their 1260 back to the UK, the owners decided to sail deliver to Singapore and then kick-off their worldly adventure from Singapore. This was just towards the end of lock-downs but there were still numerous restrictions in place that added to the complexity of paper work!

The story is here,

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Seawind's range of catamarans encompasses 52, 45, 41, 38 and 36 foot platforms. The 1100 series is the stalwart of the marque with a high proportion of these circumnavigating the globe and if the small boats can cope with that, then the 52 is going to make short work of it! Seawind's seaworthy reputation is the result of countless hours of crossing some of the most treacherous seas. Richard Ward, owner of Seawind used the Bass Straits and the Tasman Sea as his playground. The thousands of accumulated sea miles was the breeding grounds for what has become Seawinds DNA, slim hulls that are easily driven, robust monocoque construction that wraps ergonomics shaped by time onboard. 

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Discover the 1600. Click images for more info'.

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Ample amenities that don't encroach on the performance critical hull length:hull beam ratio.

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A first for a cruising cat. Performance polar diagram.

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Discover the beauty of what became the internet hit, "Ruby Rose".

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Modern design has endowed this Seawind with a voluminous interior space to rival much larger craft with layouts to suit varied useage.

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Boat Of The Year 2019 but evolved from years of blue water tradition

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Seawind's patented door system allows the salon to join the cockpit for a hugeb entertainment space. From the helm, all four corners of the yacht are visible.

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The space can be optimised depending what you need either way, it's light & airy.

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Smaller doesn't have to mean pokey! The cabins in the 1190 are great individual spaces with lots of air and light.