Corsair's trusty stead replaced by the Cruze 970


In Singapore, the Dash Fleet sprung up. Then the Twenty Eights came to town. Then Stuart gets a 31, well that is evolution for you - the species just gets bigger and, faster! And now we have the new Cruze rolling off the production line, so when will we see one in Southeast Asia? It's only a matter of time.


By all accounts the 31 is a powered up platform. It offers a good amount of interior space and in the breeze, good performance. The 31 is also the only boat to have made East-West and West-East passages of the North Pole in a single season! Now imagine that for a moment! It's freezing cold and you need a boat that with stand some extreme conditions while having enough boat speed to accomplish such a feat of endurance! It is quite something indeed!


We always felt that the 31 was a great platform especially the Centre Cockpit version which, racked up the most sales from all three variations. But, the 31 has been in the Corsair stable for so long that it's due for a face  lift and we've heard that a new C32 is coming.along. We would expect new sales to stop as the new 32 comes onto the market. But that will only make a good second hand one a better proposition. 


The C31 always had plenty of power. Anything smaller in the Corsair range is primarily aimed at weekending but the 31 introduces enough volume to be livable for more extended periods.


The new Cruze 920 aims to be an exhilerating coastal cruiser. Taking the lessons learned from 15 years with the C31 the new Cruze adds more volume into the interior space with the new Corsair deckline. This increases the interior volume by 15%.


A new fully enclosed head arrangement makes the Cruze more livable than the outgoing C31. A shift to LED lighting has helped increase battery life with reduced power consumption.


Sailing, the Cruze has increased buoyancy in the floats. This increases the righting moments for a more stable and smoother ride. Overall, Corsair have spent many design hours honing the Cruze to make it a more freindly and versatile platform when compared to the model it replaces. Little tweaks to the design ensure that it gived more comfort where the C31 was more edgy.


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Corsair Cruze 970



    • LOA:                                        31’ 10” (9.7m)

    • LWL:                                        31” 10” (9.7m)

    • Beam:                                      22’ 7” (6.88m)

    • Beam Folded:                          8’4 ” (2.55m)

    • Draft (hull only):                       1’ 5” (0.45m)

    • Draft D/B down:                       6’ 10” (2.1m)

    • Mast Length:                            39’ 6” (12m)

    • Mast height above waterline:   44’ 11” (13.7m)

    • Light Weight:                           3,999lbs (1,814kgs)

    • Mast and standard rig:             265lbs (120kgs)

    • Hull: FRP with PVC core

    • Recommended auxiliary: 9.9Hp Yamaha 4 stroke high