Our favourite little do-it-all machine. Race or cruise but always fun!..
Technical Details
  • LOA: 24' 3" (7.4m)

  • LWL: 23' 7" (7.2m)

  • Beam: (overall) 18' 2'' (5.53m) 

  • Beam: (folded) 8' 2" (2.5m)

  • Draft: (hull only) 1' 0" (0.3m)

  • Draft: (board down) approx 5' 6" (1.6 m)

  • Mast length: 35' 6" (10.8m)

  • Mast height above waterline: approx 44' 7" (13.6m)

  • Weight: 2,015 lbs (916 kg)  (base boat excludes loading kit, sails and motor)

  • Timber tiller

  • Hulls: Fiberglass with PVC foam core

  • Berths: 4

  • Auxiliary propulsion: 5hp o/b

  • Mainsail: 262.3 sq ft (24.4 sqm)

Dramatic Dash
Dramatic Dash

Dash of Excitement
Dash of Excitement

Dash Table
Dash Table

Dramatic Dash
Dramatic Dash


Corsair Dash 750


Dash in a box. The Dash 750 fits in a single 40' container easily. Mast, main hull, amas and beams. The main hull sits on a cradle which is bolted to the floor. Once you drag it out, you fits castor wheels to it and wheel it around.


Bolt it together. Once it's free of the box, start bolting the amas on. Shipping a single boat in a 40' container allows the factory to sub-assemble the beams to the amas and that makes it easier.

Assembled. It helps to have a few extra hands when putting the amas on. The hinges take a little fiddling so a bit of patience goes a long way. Generally it's a couple of hours work to this stage.

Inside. The interior is more of a cavern than appears from the outside. Bunks for 4, a dining table, loads of storage space, interior lights and a pop top to make it all habitable.

Where do we begin with The Dash?​ We've done so much with this little boat it is really a great little boat. Cruised up to the islands hitting 18 knots under a lunar eclipse! Raced it down to the equator... It does everything. It's a fantastic small package...


It was an exciting day when we opened the big tin box and hauled out Singapore's first Dash 750. Up until that time, the Corsair fleets consisted of a solitary, lonely Sprint. Fast forward... The Corsair Fleet now numbers 11 boats and the Dash 750 accounts for 8 of them. That is a good measure of the Dash's acceptance in the local sailing scene.  Race, cruise, camp, explore it does it all in one tidy little package. With the box opened and The Dash floating our first shakedown sail was... The Dash To Tioman which spawned an 'epic' movie and certainly proved the Dash's worth. It's about a 200nm round trip during which we had drifting conditions right up to skirting the edges of a big squall.  Scrolling down the page will give you an idea but the best you can do is, come and sample just how good the little Dash 750 really is, go sail as Dash today!





The specifications don't really do this boat justice. It's a fast little weekender that exceeds its performance parameters in a very cheerful way. The increased buoyancy in the floats over the previous models makes it not only more of a performer but also a very forgiving one




Since receiving The Dash we've covered over 500 coastal miles, raced it every other weekend and gone camping. We've sailed it in every condition, night and day in winds from 0 - 40 knots. On one occasion we had the Screecher on as a 35 knot squall hit. With one guy on the bow, another on the leeward wing it was an interesting moment with LOTS of power. On another occasion we had main and jib on in 30 knots of breeze - suffice to say The Dash did 18.3 knots just slightly cracked off uphill. That's great speed for a little boat but the real lesson is... We do it so that we know what our owners might go through. Honestly the boat really forgives and even under these extremes it did handle as as well as if it was sailing in wind half that strength.




the speedy one



We spent a year optimising the performance and now have it operating in a very sweet spot and apart from all the race testing, sailing it overnight up the Malaysian coast was a treat! Comfortable bunks means you can sleep, the alcohol stove works so well it lets you have the greatest hot coffee in the morning. Bliss! 



As a 'race' boat its great. Great performance from a good combination of foils, hull and sail plan. Race it with 2, 3 or 4 people. Use the full sail wardrobe to get around windward-leeward courses.



As a gunk-holer it's great.



We 'explored' Singapore's Sisters Island where the lifting dagger board means you gain access to bays that are off-limits to other boats. We gunk holed our way into a bay that was as flat as a bath tub.



As a family weekender, even better. 



The roller boom furling makes stowing sails an absolute breeze. So just about anybody with a modest amount of sailing experience can enjoy this boat. The medium buoyancy floats means you'll never 'trip'over your own hull unless you do something completely questionable or just plain stupid - like we did!



Forgiving, we tested it! During the 2011 Pisang Race we put The Dash through a really good test. But this is what Team Pro Sail enjoys! We like to push the limits a little on our own platform just so that we'll know what our boat owners experience. In this case we were set upon by a large squal from out of nowhere. Winds whacked up to a record of 36 knots. The interesting thing was... We were stuck with the screecher up and a full main sail and a full jib - all sails blazing! Just as the squal line hit we couldn't furl the screecher due to the load it was now bearing. With one man on the bow trying to clear the furler problem we initiated a big bear-away just as the breeze hit. The pressure, the weight imbalance sent the float careening into the water at a rapid pace. We managed to bring The  Dash to a halt with more than half the leeward float and wing net completely submerged. We had one of the crew standing half way down the wing on the leeward side and he was thigh deep. At the same time, the skipper was lying on what he says "felt like a vertical trampoline" but the man on the bow later confirmed that it all looked hilarious! No harm was done. The screecher furled and a single reef was wound into the main and we continued on for the rest of the day. at that point we knew our owners would be in good hands with the Dash 750!





Dashing in Southeast Asia



The areas signature event has to be the Neptune Regatta. In 2012, four Dashes made the trip to the Equator and with the Corsair section growing to 8 boats in the 2013 event, they have become the One Design Class for Neptune. We turned the Great Neptune Adventure into a commemorative book for the owners that took part. Being a raid-style event it evokes a lot of feeling! From the 10-hour long haul down in Race 1, to the rally style race across O degree 00" minutes and into Neptune's Realm. The Dash is the smallest craft that fulfills the necessary safety reg's but also has the legs to mix it with the big boys! But perhaps the Dash got everyone's attention by being able to nip across the reef and park on the beach!  Now that's the great thing about the Corsair - the all round abilities.




The next highest population of Corsairs is Thailand so once everyone is settled we are looking forward to some keen competition between the Singapore and Thai Fleets. The Thai fleet is equally split between Pattaya on the Gulf of Thailand and Phuket on the Andaman Sea. Both great locations for exploring and eventing.




For us the Dash is a vital platform for getting people onto the water and exploring the area around us. Of course we are spoilt in Singapore as the vast cruising grounds of Malaysia and Indonesia lie beckoning just nearby.    



Dash off for the day, the weekend or the week...


Come and try the Dash in some really interesting waters..