Unfold a new adventure every weekend!Great locations surround us. The water never gets cold. It never gets too windy and you can sail year-round in shorts!

Our tropical paradise is perhaps the perfect place for a Corsair Trimaran. Corsairs sail really well in any condition. You can take anybody onboard and they'll have a great time. We can sail off to some very exotic reef fringed spots and when we get there, we just park it right on the beach! Corsair Trimarans have become the iconic folding boat thanks to the clever folding system. They're portable, easy to store, easy to look after and cheap to run and they come in a variety of sizes to suit all types.


  • Sprint 750 - great day sailor, huge cockpit for 8

  • Dash 750 - great little weekender with a cabin that sleeps and feeds 4

  • Corsair 28 - two of these have sailed around the world!

  • Corsair Cruze 920 - the latest addition, more space, more comfort.

  • Corsair 37 - the huge folding tri that's liveable.

CORSAIR southeast asia

Dash. Tioman Island, Malaysia
Tioman Is. Dash
Dash to seafood.
C31 Interior space
C28 RS cockpit
Sprint cockpit
The Dash 750 One Designs
Sprint MK1
Balanced helm, almost.
C28 RS on the Gulf
C28 box
C28 Singapore
C37 Miss Saigon
C28 packed

This photo taken of Kaze at Neptune Island, Riau Archipelago, Indonesia during the 2012 Neptune Regatta.

It will arrive in a big box. Open carefully and extract your new toy. Everything required for a good time is included.

Bolt it together in the morning and sail it in the afternoon. It is possible if you have done it before!

Shove it into the water, stand the rig up and your good to go! Standing the rig up is a one man job but better accomplished with two.

With any of the Corsairs you really can unfold a new adventure every weekend.

Lets show you how easy it is to get going in a Corsair.