Breaking the mold at Corsair HQ is this Francois Perus designed trimaran. "The Pulse is all about fun, versatility and simplicity. We designed a fast well balanced sailing trimaran that can carry the family with comfort and protection, thanks to the roomy main hull, with water proof storage locker under the mast and the removable canopy, but it can also be pushed hard and raced around the buoys." 


With a design brief like that it sounds much like the other successful trimaran that says "Easy. Fun. Fast" - the Weta. The Weta proved that there was a market for an easy fun platform. The Pulse perhaps takes the same notion and adds more. More space, more sail area, more capacity and hopefully even more fun!


The hallmarks of Corsair has always been friendly platforms. Easy to use, forgiving in nature, it's a formula that seen some two thousand produced. Up till now there was a pretty big jump from a beach boat to the very popular Corsair Sprint. The Pulse is targetted right there. Right between the top end of the beach cat market and the Corsair 750 market.



All new designs go through a teething period and the Pulse was no different. Four boats made a very windy Phuket regatta and so some of the teething problems came rapidly to the fore. Whilst this was not good news it was in fact very good for the production boats that were due to come off the production line.


As a result, the Pulse received more Carbon content in the appendages, a new and proper wing section mast and a different bonding system for the ring frame. With the new mast it will only be a matter of time until the sail package is optimised for it. So overall the Phuket experience has been a worthwhile one.


If every Corsair dealer in the world take just one platform there will be 100 sailing in no time at all and that can only be good for a One Design boat. 


So where's it pitched?
If we compared it to our extreme beach cat the 20' cat would probably exhibit same dimensions and similar sail areas but tip the scales a few hundred kilos lighter. Whereas the extreme beach cats require technical input the Pulse will be a much more forgiving platform and that's where the two will be divergent. To have a good day on a 20' beach rocket, you need a crew who is dialled into the boat, its technical, its hard work with high loads.


The Pulse will is lively but the natural characteristics of teh trimaran offer a package that handles like a mono but goes something like a cat. The Pulse will suit the type of owner that needs to sail wih a variety of crew in a variety of conditions. Take the family out one day and the racing buddies the next but it's not necessarily limited to just that.


we have sailed a 5.0m beach cat from Sinagpore to Phuket, we know what can be done. I know sailing the Pulse over long distances will be a rather more relaxing experience than a beach cat. Herein lies the appeal for us sailing out of Singapore. To the north lies the Malaysian Peninsular and the jewels of islands that lie off her coast. Just 15nm to the south lies the begining of the Indonesian Archipelago and the 16,500 islands that it contains. With short island hops the Pulse is like sailing a beach cat but with the ability to bring more gear along. 


One of the famous hallmarks of Corsair is the folding system. This has been perfected down to a fine art with more than 20 years of folding experience. The lighweight nature of the Pulse allowed Corsair to further refine the mechansim. Lightweight, lighter loads and so the folding mechanism is a 'A' frame as opposed to the 'H" frame system of the larger Corsairs. The weight of the system might have been reduced but that has only made the system even esaier to use with comromising the rigidity.


A 20 minute setup time. This is great aided by the roller boom furling system that allows the main sail to be effortlessly rolled around the boom. Roller furling job, screecher and gennaker makes the rest of the sail handling such an easy affair.





PULSE 600... 
Technical Details
  • LOA: 19' 6" (6.0m)

  • Beam: (overall) 14' 9'' (4.5m) 

  • Beam: (folded) 8'  (2.45m)

  • Draft: (hull only)  9" (0.22m)

  • Draft: (board down) approx 3' 11" (1.2 m)

  • Mast length: 31' 2" (9.5m)

  • Weight: 992 lbs (450 kg)  

  • Hulls: Fiberglass with PVC foam core

  • Mainsail: 205 sq ft (19.1sqm)

  • Jib: 76.4 sq ft (7.1sqm)

  • Spinnaker: 273.4 sq ft (25.4 sqm)

  • Screecher: 205.6 sq ft (19.1 sqm)


  • Main & Jib

  • Shipping/Launching cradle

  • All running rigging

  • Tiller extension

  • Aluminium mast and boom

  • Folding System

  • Rotating wing section mast

  • Carbon reinforced rudder

  • Carbon reinforced daggerboard

  • Carbon ring frame

  • Removable canopy

  • Secure stowage locker

  • Foam deck pads

  • Black trampoline

  • Available in 4 colours

Corsair PULSE 600 

Just how forgiving is a Corsair? Watch the leeward float in this You Tube. It was taken on The Dash 750.