Triple Sec' the first Corsair into Singapore and the start of something very cool. Chris and Kathy purchased the Sprint just to have a nice platform that they could simply enjoy sailing with family and friends. After looking at quiet a few boats Chris found "the logical choice" with the Sprint. "It has a huge cockpit with more than enough space for six although we pile eight in there some times!"  


The Sprint is all about that long cockpit with a vee-berth in the cuddy cabin and porta-potty is mounted. It is a good arrangement for anyone who just wants a fast and friendly day sailor. 


The Sprint MKII features a more aggressive deck profile that creates more interior space. The MKII's performance has been pumped up to the same beam as the Dash. For anybody looking for a great day boat as opposed to a weekender, the Sprint MKII is ideal as the Sprint's hallmark, the long cockpit, is a real joy.


So a big thanks to Kathy and Chris - who kick started trimaran sailing in Singapore.





The Sprint was a long cockpit version of the original Corsair 24 and targeted strictly at day sailors. That it became extremely popular is no accident as it is a very nice entertaining platform to sail with good speed, good manners and a whole lot of space for the cooler! We've seen 9 people in the Sprints cockpit, so it can handle it! More often than not, owners of the Sprint just enjoy taking friends and families out for a great afternoon on the water.


Following on the heels of the Sprint came the Dash 750 that employed all the lessons learned from the Sprint. This included higher buoyancy floats, a wider stance and an uprated performance sail plan. The Dashes higher buoyancy and more modern floats offered more performance and even higher levels of forgiveness in comparison to the Sprint MKI.


In an effort to equalise the two platforms Corsair developed a new main hull deck profile and attached the Dash's amas and float arrangement and in so doing created the Sprint MKII.


Around a race course these two platforms should have virtually identical performances. Where they will still differ is how the working spaces are used. The Sprint with it's huge cockpit will contain 6 - 8 people in the cockpit for the day. The Dash will happily sleep 4 people in the cabin for weekends away.


With the MKII now out sailing, the new deck line will be incorporated back onto the Dash. This will really equalise the platforms now while giving even more interior space to the Dash. Where the Sprint MKII really excels in comparison to the MKI is down below. The new deck has really made a tremendous difference to both platforms. Whereas the MKI was rather pokey down below, the MKII is far more roomy and way better in a ergonomic sense. We selected our DASH over the Sprint due to the fact that we do race some distance and therefore having godd shelter becomes more important. The MKII Sprint changes this as the cuddy cabin is way more accessible now.


We've found that the Sprints magical cockpit is a great place to coach sailing from with ample space for everyone to easily move around. All other parameters between the Dash and Sprint are identical. The Sprint is a great day boat that simply puts a smile on everyone's face. We've seen it many times. It's uncluttered sailing at its best


Sprinting in Southeast Asia


The Corsair centres in Southeast Asia are Singapore and Thailand were Sprints have been a most popular platform on the sailing scene in. But in Singapore, the Dash 750 has become the platform of choice.


Primarily in Singapore, we were inspired by the Neptune Regatta and the safety regulations to enter the race dictated that we needed a "room with a toilet, bunks for all crew, cooking facilities and head room". So that paved the way for the Dash to enter the sailing scene in Singapore. The MKII could change this due to the increased volume down below.


Geographically, Singapore lies at the 'bottom' of the Malay Peninsular but at the top of the 16,500 islands that make up the Indonesian Archipelago. With so many islands all around us it would be a shame not to explore these uninhabited jewels! And so, for us the Dash with its amenities became a more prudent purchase.


Now that the Sprint has been updated with the MKII it features more interior volume and the same performance tweaks that appeared on the Dash, the two platforms are more identical in a performance manner.


As Dash 750 numbers continue to grow, we are still waiting for someone to order a Sprint MKII. It's strange but in the European and US markets, the Sprint has always been the bread and butter boat for Corsair WIth over 150 boats out there it has a strong class following but out here in Singapore, the Dash 750 has been the winner.

Everyone loves a Sprint. That big cockpit makes it so comfortable... 
Technical Details
  • LOA: 24' 3" (7.4m)

  • LWL: 23' 7" (7.2m)

  • Beam: (overall) 18' 2'' (5.53m) 

  • Beam: (folded) 8' 2" (2.5m)

  • Draft: (hull only) 1' 0" (0.3m)

  • Draft: (board down) approx 5' 6" (1.6 m)

  • Mast length: 35' 6" (10.8m)

  • Mast height above waterline: approx 44' 7" (13.6m)

  • Weight: 2,015 lbs (916 kg)  (base boat excludes loading kit, sails and motor)

  • Timber tiller

  • Hulls: Fiberglass with PVC foam core

  • Berths: 4

  • Auxiliary propulsion: 5hp o/b

  • Mainsail: 262.3 sq ft (24.4 sqm)

Sprint Smile
Sprint Smile

Floats Fun
Floats Fun

Corsair Sprint4.jpg
Corsair Sprint4.jpg

Sprint Smile
Sprint Smile


Corsair Sprint



No slouch. The Sprint is no slouch, pop the kite and take off. This Sprint was set up in cruising guise just to make the day even easier. Roller furling jib and bullet proof sails. Nice and easy.. 

Very forgiving. Corsairs are very forgiving platforms. Even if you push it too far it won't bite you. The main difference between a cat and a tri is the main hull. Push a tri hard and the main hull will pull you out of trouble.

Just how forgiving. Watch the leeward float in this You Tube. It was taken on The Dash but now the two platforms share the same floats.