King's Cup, Phuket, Thailand

5 - 12 December, 2015


Inaugurated in 1987 to celebrate the 60th birthday of His Majesty the King of Thailand, the Phuket King's Cup Regatta has grown to become Asia's biggest and most popular regatta. In the early days, the King's Cup included beach boats with Lasers, sailboards and beach cats but the inervening years saw the demise of the smaller boats.  For 2015, and after a long respite - we're back!

When we were younger we had 3 back-to- back wins and went onto win the trophy 6 times. This year, we're taking RAW to the program. More multihulls, bigger ones wethink there are some exciting times lying ahead of us


Nongsa Regatta

27 - 31 January, 2016


This event takes the place of the Singapore Straits Regatta. As it's held during the windy season and in some clean water, it will become even more popular of course good food and cheaper beer always helps attract more boats! Nongsa Point Marina is a very nice place to be during the monsoon and just out of the marina the Eastern Straits will kick up some lumpy seas and frisky winds, altogether a good thing!


As this preceeds the great Neptune Regatta, we expect more of our multihull fleet to take part this can and probably will include our beach cats. If you want to do an exciting around the cans race, this will be it!

The Great Neptune Adventure

6 - 13 February, 2016


As we line up again for the next episode, the Dash 750 fleet will again be the largest One-Design fleet to cross the Equator. Last years format proved a big hit with the multuhull fleet having a great broad reach on the opening 40nm leg to Fishead Island. The only problem was the Kaze (RAW 30) peaked at 21 knots and managed to beat the supply boat to the island!


This year, Fishead is in full swing with a new long house and the same great anchorage with our transoms tied to the trees... Race two from Fishead down to Neptune Island will be even better this year as the 'gate' has been removed and that opens up the race to much better navigation... A raid style adevnture and then the rally sequence across the Equator. Perfect!nWe're busy preparing Goldmember for the sojourn, come see the gold wonder!...

Round Bintan Challenge

26 - 28 February, 2016


This is fast becoming our favourite challenge. Bintan is an Indonesian Island that lies just south of Singapore. The Challenge is only 100nm but you have to decide whether you clockewise or anti clockwise! Sounds easy enough but through in some tricky currents as teh South China Sea and the Java Sea collide! Navigation is pretty straight forward but it is a challenge for the tactian!


We're very keen to get this on again as Kaze (RAW 30) set the sailing recors of 20 hours 7 minutes - now we know there is plenty of room in it for improvement especailly so given that February will see the full force of the NE Monsoon in action. Just how many hours we will trim off remains to be seen as we also harbour the idea of sailing a Nacra around! Now that's a good challenge... Anyone else?