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Once in a while, you trip over a real gem! On our last trip to Vietnam we stumbled into the Max Cruise production line and what a revelation! Max Cruise flies under the radar on purpose, choosing to concentrate on delivering boats to customers rather than talking it up and in this day of media hype, that is so refreshing! This is a production boat where the fundamental difference is that it can be configured to suit the owners requirements from the layout to the power systems to having daggerboards (performance oriented) or mini keels (cruise oriented). Beyond that, Max Cruise have delivered a number of platforms that are 'kits' for professional or amateur assembly in other lands!


42 sailing cat.  48 sailing cat. 48 power cat.


Fully infused construction with all bulkheads and  structural components fibreglass taped into place. This is race boat levels of stiffness and that is something we have come to enjoy after many years of racing. Engineering it in this way also has a big advantage on the scales as the Max Cruise platforms are considerably lighter than comparable cruising platforms and for a multihull, that's a big factor in achieving real world 200 mile days. 


Standing in the big shed, we were amazed to see the Hybrid Max Cruise sitting= there being readied for a sea trial later that week!This was a big surprise mainly becuase some other popular brands have only muted the hybrid idea but here it was in the boat and ready to go. Max Cruise are able to configure the system as full-electric, diesel electric with single diesel with single or electric drives.  


Max Cruise's riverside location is a huge advantage as all boats with full systems get launched and water tested. From our perspective, this is a huge adside vantage as all systems are commssioned and tested before the boat leaves the factory and this minimises the surprises at the other end! This thoroughness has obviously percolated down from the design stage it is impressive in its delivery and windspeed sailing ability. 


We have always enjoyed race boats so when it comes to cruising we struggle if the boats can't achive windspeed this is particularly relevant to our sailing grounds here on the equator where winds are typically benign. The Max Cruise platform is stiff, the hull form is powerful and the rig is plentiful enough to allow true real-world 200+ miles/day. The records are there from the Vietnam to Annapolis delivery! Whereas 'fast catamarans' usually limit the interior space, the Max Cruise achieves its performance while providing 2m + headroom throughout! 



MJ sailing is one of those good YouTube channels! What's good about it?

MJ Sailing have purchased the 'kit set' boat from Max Cruise and are putting a brand new boat together from the beginning. Digging through their experience with the whole process gives much better insights into the inner workings of the boat plus, they have great video inclusions of life in Ho Chi Minh where the fatory is located.


MJ Sailing had all the moldings shipped to them in a 40' container and then started the build process.

Hybrid. 6 modes

Great explanation for the six modes of the Hybrid system which includes regeneration!


Southeast Asia is a great place but we do suffer light airs and that's why having an efficient hull form is critical.

The important bit

Price wise the Max Cruise range is in an enviable position.

Compared with other cruising cat's, the Max Cruise offers the ability to match windspeed, it has more interior volume and better headroom with the ability to alter the layout. Effectively, more boat for the money.



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