The Great Neptune Adventurer.

Damien and Team KAze cleaned up the Multihull Racing Class in this year's event so it's only right that he can claim to be a good buddy with King Neptune!


What will happen in the '17 event...

There will be more multihulls.


The Corsair Dash has become the largest One-Design fleet in the dash to 0'00" but we're sure that multihull numbers will increase across the board.


We want to see if we can get reocrd numbers of Dashes into the event and if every owner shows up that will be 11! The Pulse will be in our waters and we'll see if we can get this into the event as well!? Challenge, yes maybe..

If you like sailing and adventure, this is for you! Here's our SUMMARY..

Pontos have 

advanced winch design...


Our unique "four speed" winches are quicker and easier to use and all Pontos Winches come with a 5 year guarantee.



We've set up our Nacra 20 Carbon with a nice new set of One Sails... The changes were noticable! We had a guest helm sail the previous Ullman Sails boat and then try the ONEs. "The power is more immediate and any changes to the sheet make a big difference". It's a good indication that we're on the right track. Trapezing even earlier the increased pointing ability. Nice! Can't wait until we move the design process into the 'big' sail! More gains to come... 

Corsair Pulse 600.

SAIL "Best Boat" is quite something for the new little Pulse that now numbers 48 boats in the world. Changes made since the luanching include a new specifically designed mast section and a swap to Doyle Sails.

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first  Pulse 600 into Singapore and expect that a few more will follow this little machine.





The winds of change have arrived! Six times faster 4 times easier. Pontos 4-Speed winches take the effort out of grinding.

One Sails.


Over the last 6 years we have extensively tested their membranes in our steamy environment and these work! 

Boat bits....

CORSAIR trimarans.


Our DASH 750 Fleet is the largest collection of Dashes in one spot! A great all rounder that's as fast as it is easy. No wonder there's so many of them!.. The DASH

WETA trimaran.


When we got our first Weta we really didn't know what to think! But sailing it in the first Monsoon we soon realised why it's such a hit! Fast and friendly... more

NACRA Sport Cats. 


Now get ready for the full-flight 15! The youth boat that is sure to ignite youth sailing! One platform, three foil configurations. N15 YeahBaby!.. 

This video will give you the idea! In low speed it really sheds a lot of rope off the drum. As the load increases, just reverse the direction of grinding. Do this all the way up until you hit top speed! Through the sheet off the drum and it returns to low speed ready for the next session.


It really makes child's play out of grinding and now you'll know one of the secrets of success for those record setting French boats!


We are just setting up this new brand in our product line up and will shortly be offering a trade-in facility for all those 'nasty' old winches!


We also have a roving tradesman who is fully capable of making the changeover from any of the old winches to some new Pontos!


Please enquire for more information...

Rooster Sailing Gear.


We spent our Monsoon season trialing some of the gear and can attest to their qulaity and performance.