two Hulls​​

three Hulls​​


We have spent time on one hull but it's normally while the other one is pressed deep! But we really prefer two or more...​​


What's the



We took RAW up the coast all 500 miles of it for the Kings Cup in Phuket, Thailand. After the Kings Cup we dropped RAW into Langkawi, Malaysia for some TLC and a new interior tidy up. Doing the coats is fun and here's a little write up. Read RAWing up the coast... 






The Weta is a nice little boat. Easy, fun and fast.

But what if it could be faster? Enter the great Sushi Roll Experiment.

The Weta sprouts a foil as is in keeping with the times. This started life as a test for bigger things to come. If all the numbers work here, it will be scaled up for someone's 30+ all carbon trimaran. The C-Foil was installed in the port ama so that from tack to tack you can really see what a difference it is making. It's early days yet but from sailing alongside it on the normal Weta, well it's a big difference. The most notable difference is the laboured ama never gets pushed in with 50% more of the boat showing. By mid-October a new Tee-rudder will be fitted so all initial testing then we'll see the full impact. This was a hot topic on the web... Watch the first VDO.






NOW up to Hull Number 49! That's a pretty good innings for a 

new release platform. The earlier teething problems have all been

cured and that has given the dealers the confidence to push the numbers along.


We are eagerly awaiting the first of the Singapore Pulses to arrive. Expect an update towards the end of the month as we hit the water around here. We'd like to build some numbers before the next Neptune Regatta in February 2017...





 FEBRUARY Round Bintan Challenge, Indonesia

MAY Koh Samui Regatta, Thailand

JUNE Besar Regatta, Malaysia


After that we may as well park in the safe confines of Nongsa to recover. If anyone would like a top race platform for these events... RAW Two is for sale. Fully armed ready to go... More info .


This is Michael and as far as we are concerned, he is Singhapore's most noteworthy sailor! Michael has just taken delivery of a Corsair Dash named Eeepai. Which loosely means 100 and that gives us the target of helping Michael sail until he's 100! The Dash 750 MKII comes hot on the heels of Michael's Nacra 20 Carbon. When we delivered the N20C to Michael the focus was "keep me sailing till I'm 85". Since Michael has breached that target a new platform was required to help him set the new goal. Something sporty, comfortable that can carry a gang. The N20C is a fantastic boat but it's such a focussed machine that it's hard to take a casual sail on. The Dash is the ticket as it has allowed Michael to enjoy sailing with his grandchildren and so sailing with three generations onboard was a very cool day on the water... So here's to the next 15 years afloat!


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the sushi roll


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