A tough, lightweight, single-trapeze catamaran that was an evolution of the highly successful 500 model. Although the 460 has many of the high quality components of her larger siblings, the 460 has a hull shape that has been optimised for ease of sailing. Hull buoyancy is high for a small platform but this buoyancy has been lowered toward the waterline. Having buoyancy located on the waterline offers a good load carrying ability while making it very forgiving to sail. Novices appreciate the forgiving nature of the hull design while more experienced sailors will appreciate the ability of the hulls to resist diving especially when under spinnaker as in the Sport edition.


The hulls are also more rounded on their keel to make beaching an easier process. Naturally, Nacras “plain sailing” kick-up rudder systems ensures that no damage will be sustained to the foils when hitting the beach at speed. A modern laminate sails add power to the platform but they are also very responsive to inputs from the controls.

Simple single trapeze sailing has never been so enjoyable. 


Whilst the 460 has been built for the “fuss-free” sailing brigade she exhibits all of the same good sailing qualities of the larger Sport Nacras, albeit in a simple, plain sailing package.


If you are thinking of buying a 460 but are not sure whether you want the spinnaker try this, as we did. Purchase the Sport model but don’t install the spinnaker. As the Sport jib is longer you simply tie a Dyneema bridle to hold the jib tack where the pole would normally be. When you are ready for the kite, simply add the pole and kit! Alternatively you can order the Sloop version and then order the Sport Kit later but this will mean you’ll have to buy a new jib as the Sloop one is smaller.


Sailing tip:

The 460 takes about 6 minutes to rig when you have practiced a little bit. No boom, no daggerboards to worry about just pure sailing fun. Always rig your boat in the same manner putting things away in the same location so it's faster to rig! We normally sail much more complicated platforms so it is kind of refreshing to jump on the 460 and just buzz around when the winds up. 


Tuning tip:

Get the correct amount of mast rake set up and then leave it alone and concentrate on just having fun . We enjoy sailing the 460 in a decent blow as there is really nothing to worry about. It is ideal for parent sibling type of sailing but soon enough you’ll find the kids taking over!


The different  models include;

School, Sloop and Sport. The differences are primarily the School model has a reef enabled mainsail and a slightly smaller sail area than the Sloop or Sport models as its intended use is in the school or rental sectors.


The Sloop model has the same main sail (material and size) as the Sport model but has a slightly smaller Dacron jib.


The Sport model has full Performance laminate sails for main and jib plus it sprouts a spinnaker for some added zest!


Length 4.50m

Beam 2.35m

Mast 7.77m

Mainsail area 12.30m2

Jib area 2.88m2

Spinnaker 15.0m2

Single trapeze

Polyester foam sandwich

Nacra design team