NACRA F18 Infusion


The Nacra Infusion is known as the F18 platform that is easiest to drive on any point of sail. This mkes it easy for crews to quickly adapt and get up to full competition levels with the least amount of fuss. For a time, the Nacra Infusion was the only production catamaran to be made using infusion technology. This technique ‘infuses’ the resin in completely sealed molds where no emissions escape and the exact amount of resin is distributed evenly across the molded surface. The end result is an accurate molding with controlled weight distribution, extra stiff lay ups and that simply translates to better performance!


Foils have become critical in modern catamaran platforms as speeds spiral ever higher. Nacra use aluminium molds for precision molding at far greater compression figures. Stiffer, stronger foils result and that means more precision at the helm. These techniques were first explored by Nacra during the construction of Pete Melvin’s World Championship winning A-Class in 2005!

The Nacra Infusion features a wing mast that provides superb rig dynamics coupled with advanced sail design from Performance Sails. The wing mast offers far better aerodynamics as well as being infinitely malleable with downhaul and rotation settings. 



Hull design

The wave piercing design pioneered by Pete Melvins A2 is incorporated into all modern Nacra race platforms. This reduces resistance and the bow wave generated as the hull moves through the water.  Pitching is also reduced by combining the wave piercing bow with large waterline buoyancy. Less pitching allows the rig to generate cleaner power for better forward speed especially when sailing upwind against the waves. 


With the right distribution of volume along the waterline the crew weight position can be optimised to promote planning even upwind. The Nacra F18 Infusion produces dynamic lift, and in effect, stabilises itself at higher speeds.


In Singapore we have only two F18's as most customers opted for the Nacra 20 as it is the "most bang you can buy" or an F16 "most bang for less buck". 


But since we don't have an F18 Fleet... The 20's will have to do. 


What a hardship! NOT!!


Length 5.52m

Beam 2.60m

Mast 9.16m

Mainsail area 17m2

Jib area 4 3.45 / 4.15 m2

Spinnaker 19 / 21 m2

Double trapeze

Infusion technology vinyl-ester foam sandwich

Nacra design team