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When you set foot there..


You will feel like a great explorer casting the first foot prints on some foreign land... Because you are! 'Neptune Island' lies just 8nm from The Line and is uninhabited all year until the fleet arrives. Our trimaran fleet has a sneaky advantage in that we can park right on the beach next to the Mount Gay tent!


We've been lucky to win the event a few times so while Scott crafts a sailing guide for it... 


Here's a book we created to mark the first inclusion of our Dash 750's.



The event has sailing and power divisons. The sailing fleet is divided into cruising and racing fleets with a large contingent of our trimarans. 



It's the world's only equator race. It's your only opportinity to race across the equator and take part in a great maritime tradition. But it's also a fantastic adventure.



Chinese New Year, every year! In 2016 Chines New Year will be in February so you can take advantage of the peak of our winds and public holidays.



Simply becasue, it's great fun! The island hopping format makes it great for sailing families to take part in. It leads you through a virtually untouched environment. Enough!



The race kicks off out off Nongsa Point Marina, Batam, Indonesia - just a stones throw from Singapore. It then heads to Fishead Island and onto Neptune Island.

The Great Neptune Adventure

The world's only equator race.