Hudson Hakes. The Hudson Hakes 42 is a new full spec' racer from the design board of Judel and Vrolijk. The Hudson facility in Xiamen is immense and produces other notable brands like the Gunboat 60 and Airplay triamarans.

Race boat. The HH42 powered its way to win her IRC Division in the most recent Hong Kong to Vietnam Race. Quite a good result considering the crew had only sailied the boat in the previous weeks China Coast Regatta.



Salona 38. Surprisingly Dean Barker endorced the Salona 38 for its helm feel, peformance and the ability to win races while maintaining the capability to take the family out sailing. The 38 is a supremely balanced balanced cruiser racer.

Salona IRC Racer. Salona Yachts have a specialist range for those who need an optimised IRC or ORC racer. It still comes with a full interior it's just the myriad of other details that are changed to get the clicks down on the rating numbers.

Lets show you the line up...

King of race boats in the 40' division is the HH42! But if you need a cruiser-racer don't look past the Salona range that have even beed endorsed by Dean Barker!

Race boats are a different breed, focussed and dedicated for those who know exactly what and how much they need. Since its debut the HH42 has been something of a hit with 6 confirmed orders and five out racing.


Salona Yachts have built themselves an enviable reputation for building well-performing boats that are really well put together employing a stainless steel cage that distributes  the sailing loads in a better fashion throughout the structure.