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We love our platforms!

And we haven't said that since the 70's when platforms were all the rage! In the 80's we were Hobie Fleet 492 and that laid the foundations for the "way of life". We've grown bigger, older and along the way, our platforms grew with us as the distances we sailed grew longer.

We are so very happy with the line up we have!  

START small... Grow big!

Our very first brush with a multihull was actually building one at home, Thank goodness folks don't have to do that anymore! We are firm believers that your sailing life begins with the first small steps and then you just build upon it from there! Our baby Nacra Fleet are really the stepping stones to big things.


Best way into multihull sailing...
Nacra 350 - it's lighter and cheaper than a Laser!
Nacra 430 - we love this boat. It reminds us of our early years but it's so modern and advanced with its spinnaker and launcher!

If you want the absolute easiest way in, try the Weta Trimaran, Kiwi magic! 

Weta logo.png
nacra sport logo.png
taka cat n dog.jpg

TAKE a Taka!..

Another piece of Kiwi magic!
The Taka is the exact type of boat that we enjoy - small and infinitely useful!

Taka have pioneered the open transom in a production inflatable. Doing away with a 'hard' transom, allows the Taka to be much lighter and way more portable.

Every Taka from 260 - 460 can be transport in a bag and weigh  25 -  56 kgs. This is so convenient we can even take it with us on our recce's and races into the Indonesian Archipelago as it takes up minimum space even in our Dash 750.


TIME to fly...

Once you've got a few hours under your belt, you might be ready for the seat of the pants experience! We enjoyed our Nacra experience so much, we sailed our first one from Singapore to Phuket and back - you have to love it!
From there we jumped into high performance sailing with the Nacra 5.8 before working up to the great Nacra 20 platform! Intermediate racing is in the F16 cats where the Goodall Viper is the dominant platform at our cat racing HQ, Changi SC.  

logo Nacra racing.jpg
logo 6 GOODALL.png
N20C 2.jpg

ESCAPE artist...

Ever since our very first foray up the East Coast of Malaysia on our Hobie 16 we've been hooked on sailing adventures! We love the way you can pull into a shore and haul the cat up the beach to set up camp. But it did mean doing without a few comforts!

Our first Dash 750 from Corsair change all that for us. Sure it's not a full cruiser but it has a speed comparable to a beach cat and it has "the kitchen sink"!

With the Corsair, we really can unfold a new adventure every weekend! This photo is of Singapore's southern island, Lazarus and is one of our favourite nooks! 

Escape with a Corsair 760, 880. 970...

logo 2  CORSAIR.jpg


Consumed by the need to dive in comfort, one of the first Seawinds into Singapore was an 1160. Owned by an avid diver, she was suitably equipped with tanks, compressors and all manner of dive gear. For much of the year she was happily anchored above the many reefs and wrecks that the Indonesian Archipelago is well known for.


Although the smaller of the Seawind range Pali Pali was comfortable  and capable. The sailing delivery down from Vietnam was dusted off in 5 days and then it spent most of its time in Indonesia. Seawinds are cost-effective blue water catamarans that adapt well to multiple roles on the water.

logo 3  SEWIND.jpg
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