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Delivery. Nha Trang, Vietnam to Singapore

Delivering the Seawind 1260 for Paul and Francis was a great trip and gave us the opportunity to gather a fair bit of data on the 1260.

The first 3 days was in Vietnam waters with beautiful conditions. Vietnam has one of the best coastlines in Southeast Asia mainly thanks to having virtually no pleasure boats and being shut off from the world for most of history!

We managed to get on the tail end of the Northeast Monsoon and made all our 'sailing records' within the first 3 days! The best boat speed we had was with the Screecher up and wind on the port quarter (13.8 knots). The 24 hours of day two offered us 160 miles due to the clocking wind that was sending us right down onto the lay line.

Entering Malaysian waters, the nice breeze that had been propelling us along, faded to zero. Now we got to experience 400 miles of motoring! The motors are twin Yanmars with the high capacity alternators so there was more than enough current to have air-conditioning and as many boiled kettles as you needed!

During the day, making progress was straight forward but at night, the world's fishing fleets descend upon the South China Sea and litter the place with thousands of AIS targets. Thankfully, we avoided being run down or snagged in kilometer's long nets! Not very relaxing.

Joining the que to enter Singapore was a single line affair was like being in the slowest car on the highway with tanker after tanker whizzing by! If you would like to read the full glossy, click right here!

Seawind catamaran delivery. Nha Trang, Vietnam to Singapore.

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