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TRI Training. Overview

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

This program is aimed at our Corsair owners that want to get "up to speed".

WHO is this for.

Owners of Corsairs that are new members of the Corsair Fleet.

Aimed at Corsair owners that have some experience but need to know more.

This is not beginner sailing lessons and so assumes that you know all the points of sailing, you can basically rig and take your boat out, on and off the mooring.


There are 6 items that we need to get through so that you have a well rounded knowledge of the platform.

Sections are as follows and the posts of these are in the same category on the Blog.

1. Boat handling

- basic physics of a multihull

2. Boat setup

- set up the boat so that it’s an efficient platform top work from

3. Sail handling

- getting them up/down, main, jib, spinnaker, screecher

- when to use them

4. Sail trimming

- tell tales, controls, sheeting and the secret of speed

5. Crew work

- crew jobs and coordinating

6. Basic Race Strategy

- planning to get around the track


For those in our fleet here in Singapore, we'll take you on our Corsair 31 for a group introduction to the basics. After that, its back to you own boat for th eremainder of the sessions. These are the notes so that you can pre-empt things!


As we can only roll out the physical training in October, we'll get the notes going from now on. By October, you should have the background in place.


We’d like to see all our Corsair owner competitive but beyond that, we’d really like to see all the Corsairs out enjoying the cruising grounds that are around us and the best way to do that is to be really comfortable with all aspects of your Corsair.

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