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The first time we'd landed in Langkawi on the Nacra 5.0 Epic we tied up behind a friend's cruising boat and slept right there on the mooring. The next time, we'd just been pummelled by the biggest storm in 20 years while we were delivering a Nacra 5.7 from Penang to Thailand. The next time, was 1996 when we set the Malaysian Speed Record at 34.4 knots in the Brut Actif Blu Hobie Trifoiler so I do have a vivid memory when it comes to the Island of Legends and yes, it is legendary for me!


But now Royal langkawi Yacht Club is growing up too.

A much bigger breakwater and a new clubhouse to boot! I might be old fashioned but I think I prefered it when it was a little bit more low key still, the shower block is still nice!


Langkawi has quite a few marinas with RLYC being the oldest one. RLYC's location in Kuah and right next to the main ferry terminal has a few advantages the least of which is port clearance and immigration. 


As an island Langkawi is a bit of a treat and a retreat. With a boat it has many places to explore. The southern islands have some beautiful fjords you can sail through. The west side has white sand beaches and the north hides the lovely Datai Bay resort and the great sea eagles! There's enough to see and do and one  'must' is the roof of the island cablecar.


We chose RLYC for its convenience and proximity to town. But the other very nice marina is Telaga Harbour which sits at the foothills of Langkawi's prominent peaks. RAW sits in RLYC waiting for the next part of the trip tp Phuket. That will be a morning venture from Lankawi to the Butang group. Then  the following day from the Butangs up to Ko Rok Nok and the following day into Phuket. 

RLYC Tuens on a beautiful day! We tied up and then got rained on. Perfect timing.

Parallel Universe 

The Island of Legends - Langkawi.

RLYC. Shower block, well temporary until the big building is completed!  

Tohatsu. In Southeast Asia, you can't leave home without it! It keeps the fridge cool!