We've spent a lot of time on the RAW, well at least Scott has. It had a long gestation period and like all new designs, needs time to debug. Debugging it will see boat speed rise as owners and crews get in tune with it.


This came from the board of Tony Grainger and has been built in Xiamen, China by Hudson Yachts - the same peple who built the J80's and the Gunboat 60. Tony's work is always admired and this was his first attempt at making a high performance folding trimaran. It's a very modern interpretation of a folding tri. It has high buoyancy floats and a really deep mainhull. 


So far we've seen 21.5 knots with it so as soon as everything gets settled we are pretty sure this figure will rise. There are currently two RAW 30's in the world. Currently both are based in Singapore where we were hoping a good year of 'match racing' will only improve the breed.


The RAW 30 is the race version of the Airplay 30 line. The line includes a less race-oriented version called the SPORT 30 and then this is followed by another version that includes an aft cabin. All three variants use the same hull shapes and its only the deck mold that varies well that and the material. RAW is 100% Carbon infused construction. That adds to the stiffness as it lightens the boat and your wallet at the same time!


An Airplay 30 recently arrived in Australia and slightly confused the breed by adopting the name 'hybrid'. This is essentially an Airplay 30 Sport with a carbon mast i.e. a Sport model with a rig very similar to RAW.



what's cool about RAW

The looks!

One look at RAW will make your jaw drop especially in that bling silver foil! But looks are only the first bit... What you get is 100% Carbon construction.

You get a folding performance boat.

You get to touch Carbon everywhere!


But beyond all the glitz, the RAW is performance focussed.

It doesn't have carpet or wood trim! It has a very long cockpit and enough room down below to give you full headroom under the blister. A large double vee-berth up forward compliments the two quarter berths. There's a standard porta-potty, cooker and sink to make overnight races and weekends away a distinct possibility.


RAW differs from the SPORT variant in having a narrower cabin top molded into the deck.

This allows wide walkways around the cabin top so that crew transfer from bow to stern is unimpeded. This doesn't sound like a big deal but in reality it is a really neat feature of the boat as we often find ourselves running forward during sail drops.


The cockpit is spacious and comfortably to sit 8 people, if you really need to. The boat sits high above the wave tops courtesy of the deep mainhull design. This helps keep the beams high and generates a drier ride than what one might expect. So far we haven't experienced any waving 'capping' as generally what happens is that the leeward ama will only compress so much and then the mainhull lifts. This process keeps the beams clear of the wave tops and a drier ride in the cockpit.







RAWsome!.. The Raw is a stunning piece of work...
Technical Details
  • LOA: 30' 2" (9.2m)

  • Beam: (overall) 22' 7'' (6.88m) 

  • Beam: (folded) 8' 2" (2.5m)

  • Draft: (hull only) 1' 6" (0.4m)

  • Mast length: 45' 11" (14.0m)

  • Weight: 3,100 lbs (1400 kg)  (base boat) excludes loading kit, sails and motor)

  • Hulls: Carbon Infused 

  •  Mainsail:  406 sq tf  (37.8 sqm)

  • Jib:  230 sq ft (21.37 sqm)

  • Code Zero: 423 sq ft (39.3 sqm)

  • Gennaker:  968 sq ft (90 sqm)

  • Berths: 4

  • Auxiliary propulsion: 9hp o/b