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THE DASH arrives and a new round of adventures begin. The Dash has a 250 mile shakedown cruise, followed by the Race to the Equator then blasted by a white out storm in the Pisang Race. This is a great little boat for anyone that wants to get into multihulls and share the thrill with just about anyone!

Singa'Loc Was the next dash into Singapore and in typical French fashion, always drove hard but knew just how to have the perfect time. french flair no doubt about it! Singa"loc's first sail was out into the same white out conditions, quite a baptism! Now she's blasting around Brittany!..

Manao Express C28RS hits the scene. This is the first C28 into our waters. In the light airs and flat water the Dash holds an advantage but once Manao got into the Neptune Regatta she very nearly took out the trophy. Seems tha the C28 likes to stretch her legs more. Manoa inspired another C28 and then a C31 arrived.

Airplay. This tri' was destined to be the new-age Corsair but a corporate decision not to put it into production saw te design making its way into a great yard to enter full production. It's a folding trimaran that offers much higher levels of specification and just look at it! 

Here's a quick trimaran timeline.... 

One hull is good. Two is even better. But three it's like magic! A tri' handles like a mono but goes like a cat. It's really the best of many worlds. What you might give up in interior volume is easily made up for by having a boat that is really so easy to drive, at speed!.

The transition from the beach cat scene to the trimaran scene was partially necessitate by the need to compete in the Neptune Regatta - the world's only Equator Race. To fulfill the Safety Requirements one needed permanent bunks for all crew, ability to cook, sleep, go to the toilet and have head room. And so the Dash 750 was about the smallest multihull that could fulfiil the requirements.


But rather than do the regatta alone, we wanted company and luckily other owners saw the same adventure and it was that 6 Corsairs formed a Class for the great adventure. Corsairs have been around for the last 20 years. It's combination of family friendliness and performance are part of the equation. It's greater success lies in the fact that it folds and so you can pack it away when you're not using it.


Corsairs have been the only folding trimaran on the scene for a long time... Until now that is. Enter the Airplay Trimaran, folds like a Corsair but offers more space and pace for a better value proposition. We've been waiting for the last two years for her to appear but the wait, definitely worth the it. So this year's Neptune Regatta will debut 2 Raw 30 and they are sure to leave an indelible mark on the scene.


The Dash, our first trimaran that was sure to spawn bigger and better adventures. The Dash is a Corsair Dash 750 which we still believe is the betst boat Corsair have come up with. In true multihull fashion, it does everything and with ease. We bought th eDash in just so that we could get this photo! The Neptune Regatta it is well worth it and perfect for a trimaran.