two hulls  ARE BETTER THAN ONE...

We've always had a thing for multihulls. It started as a highschool project for Scott way back! "Well it was better than making a coffee table for woodwrok at high school!" Fast forward, years later... Pro Sail enter the ranks of the Hobie Way of Life. From there its just been one thing to another.

The beach cat scene grew out of the 70's with the advent of the Hobie Cat. This little machine introduced thousands of people to the joys of multihulls. We joined the revolution in te 80's commencing the Hobie Way of Life as Fleet 492 in sunny Singapore.  Shifting to the Nacra platform in the 90's and then into the Formula series in 2000, that's when things really shifted!


One thing led to another and in 2012 we landed a dealership for the Gunboat 60 which is built just up th eroad at the fine establishment of Hudson Yachts in China. What's came from the involvement with this great yard is the fulfillment of a life long wish - to meet Gino Morrelli. So imagine, all your sailing life Gino's name is echoed around the multihull world and when you finally meet him its in China looking over a new multi! 


Lets show you what we've been up to all these years...

Alibi. When it comes to multihulls and especially big ones, the French are the leaders. From design to experience in the worlds most gruelling sailing challeneges, the French have long dominated this! Alibi is French chic made in Thailand... 

Viper F16. When we shipped iin the first AHPC Taipan in 2000 we found another gear in lightweight platforms. This boat changed the sailing scene is the boat that the Formula 16 Class was formed around. Never before did have something this small and this fast..

Nacra Sport Cats. Nacra have been with us since 1990. We have really enjoyed all the wonderful production platforms they have created. They have now hit the high-gear with the stunning Nacra 17 Olympic which is now the mixed crew platform of the games.

Enjoyed by many. First and foremost, we enjoy multihulls becasue they bring out the best in people! Kids love them as much as adults do. They ar edo-it-all machines. Go flat chat around the cans one weekend then camping the next.

This was Scott's first attempt at making a multihull. What started as a better project than making 'coffee tables" at high school led to a lifetime of sailing multihulls.