Starboard wing


Aft looking forward. The Gennaker block will hang from the rear outboard corner, so that's a good indication. The nets are assymetric so there is a definite port and starboard trampoline.


Locate the Gennaker eyelet, ensure the hiking straps are facing up and are on the inboard side of the ama. The trampoline sleeve slides over the rear arm. The other sides will have the lacing and the inboard side is open and only attached to the hull with two lacing points forward and aft.


The lacing is normally installed in the sleeve but occasionally these might be left out in the preassembly so, run a long wire or such, down the sleve and pull the lacing back through.



Gennaker block


The Gennaker block, we attached to the tail end of the trampoline lacing. For no other reason than to keep things simple and clean.


You can start the lacing from the other end and the important bit to see is that the lacing goes in a perpendicular fashion and not the 'normal' diagonal method.


Gennaker block lacing


The gennaker block hangs by some Dyneema. We tie it to the lacing just to spread some of the load out a little.


To run the lacing... Take one end and tie it off to the last of the eyelets.

Run it up and around the next eyelet so the it 'circles' both eyelets.

Then run it off to the next eyelet and repeat.


When it gets tensioned it should look like the pattern in the photo.

WETA trampoline

Here's a mini guide on the trampoline set up. Well this is how we do it but doesn't mean its the only way!



We like to start the lacing at the forward edge and then out towards the outer forward corner before heading aft and finishing at the rear.


The perpendicular pattern for the lacing... It's not critical in this case but what it does is put straight tension into the eyelet and material.



This is a view from aft of the starbaord wing rolled vertical in the trolley cups. It is easier to install the wings in an upside down position preferably working in the shade as it takes a while to complete the task.


Don't over tension the lacing until you have the trampoline and ama fitted into the hull slots. Over tensioning will just spring the beam ends together and then when you try to slot the beams into the mainhull it might not fit.

Laced up


This is the view of the same wing above showing all the lacing.


Pretty simple once you've done it twice!



This lashing will tension the netting and pull the amas into the mainhull. This just loops around the bonded deck block at the front edge of the trampoline and ditto at the rear end.

In the end


Once in place the Gennaker sheet will run through this block.


When you first install it and tension the tramp's it will look ok.

After you sail it a bit you will have to retension the lashing a little as things settle in.