Pretty much only a WETA can pack up small and can be sailed with one, two or three sails blazing by one, two or three people! It is an extremely versatile little boat so no wonder it was Boat of the Year in 2010! Composite foam sandwich hulls with Carbon spars and beams make this little trimaran as robust as it is versatile. A trimarans legendary forgiving nature means that anyone can jump on the Weta and immediately feel confident enough to push it to any level. We are excited about the Weta Fleet building up and are looking forward to some great events for all. 


Right now there are just a handful of Wetas in Singapore and Malaysia but we expect this to change when sailors become familiar to the forgiving nature of trimarans i.e. they handle like monohulls but go like catamarans!


The trimarans most distinguishing feature is really its forgiving nature. If you make a mistake or push it to hard instead of it biting back, it will give the crew a lot of tell tale signs and ample time to do something. Long distances, camping are a distinct possibilities and this is something we love doing!


The Weta is easy to rig, fun to sail and comes complete with good quality components including 'techie-plastic' sails that offer a long working life and good performance. Once you sail a WETA, you will understand why it won Sailing World 2010 Boat Of The Year in the Best Dinghy Category - It is FAST, FUN, and EASY to sail.


We've had some question about how to install the trampolines... So here's a mini guide that might help.


WETA is beta! 

In Singapore where we have spent the last 30 years building up multihull sailing, the Weta fills a vital gap between entry level beach cats, the high tech sport cats and our larger trimarans.


In Singapore we have two distinct seasons that are punctuated by light shifting winds. As we have found out, the trimaran form has a very low wetted surface area and with a very knife-like front profile, they don’t require massive sail plans to push them along. Effiency is key to the triamarans success.


Currently the Singapore Weta’s are stored in Changi Sailing Club a stones throw from the famous international airport. Located on the shoreline of the Johore Straits this is the traditional home of multihulls in Singapore.


The waterways here are an ideal place to simply sail but it does have frequent traffic as the Straits are a busy seaway. From here you can venture up the Johore River area and see some one of the last untouched islands Pulau Ubin with its walking trails and marine park.


During the Northeast Monsoon, this is the best location to catch the strong cool winds that come from further north. 


The first impression is how compact the unrigged Weta package is. Complete with cover and trailer, the Weta was designed from the onset to be an easily managed unit.


The mast is a two-piece carbon affair and everything goes together very easily. Once practiced the process will take you about 20 minutes.


It is perhaps the Weta’s versatility that has made it such a huge worldwide success. Sail it with the kids onboard and the trimarans inherit stability is a bonus. But that wide ‘almost square’ stance is a real winner when the breeze is strong and you want to push the boat hard!


Whilst the sail plan might seem ‘conservative’ it endows the boat with a crisp feeling and in true Weta fashion “the harder it blows, the better it goes”. This came to us from the South African dealer who at 1.98m’s and 120 kgs says...he "really enjoys the Weta in extreme winds. When every other boat is having trouble, I’m having fun!”

At 120 kgs all up, the WETA is lightweight, baby rocket ship! The boomless mainsail and the furling screecher really open performance to everyone the family or the multihull fanatic.

First launched in New Zealand in 2007 there are now over 1000 boats sailing in 23 + 1 (now Singapore) countries, the Weta formula is a proven success.



The Weta makes for an ideal adventure platform, race it one weekend set off the next.


It won’t punish you when the weather turns bad and when you get to the beach, you can pop a tent on the nets and stretch out!



Team Pro Sail, we enjoy racing and adventure sailing and the Weta will be a nice fit in this scheme. In the past, we have organised sailing adventures for our multihull fleet to the Indonesian Islands of Batam and Bintan as well as up the East Coast of Malaysia.



Really we are spoilt for choices for places to explore, all that is required is a bit of sailing skill and the sense of adventure.