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Multihulls are our DNA
Stemming from our Hobie Cat days in the 80's, we've always enjoyed putting people onto multihulls and then, getting them racing! Since those early days, our platforms have grown bigger but our method is still the same.

We have catamarans and trimarans, new and used. We measure and deliver suits of One Sails to all types of boats. We can splice you nice halyards and sheets from Gottfredi Maffioli...

We are proactive, here's the writeups for recent happenings!

Nongsa Neptune Ver.023

Its come and gone! The annual pilgrimage to see King Neptune and his rusty side-kicks nearly ended in a visit to Davy Jones locker for one adventurous soul. The abyss awaits for the unaware! Performance by professionals and alcohol was not a contributing factor! Right!!

Bad weather was the menu for this event but that didn't dampen anyone's spirit or spirits!

But all is well that ends well! Read all about it

23rd Catamaran Championship. Changi

The 2023 Cat' Championship was down on numbers but was fun for us to use our 30 year-old Nacra 5.0 against more modern designs. Of course the 5.0 is very close to us since we spent a month on it sailing the thing to Phuket and back! Most fun was borrowing two youthful sailors from the Laser Fleet to go for a blast! Blast it was as the last leg of the last race was pounded by a tropical squall! At the close, Team Young & Old were second, that gives us some room for improvement during 2023. Read more 

Sail Delivery
We delivered a new Seawind 1260 from Nha Trang, Vietnam to Singapore. 6 days, 780 miles in the company of thousands of fishing vessels! Three days of great sailing in Vietnam waters and 400 miles of motoring in Malaysian and Indonesian waters - those new Yanmars are good!

Read all about it!

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Still got it!

Was great dragging the Nacra 5.0 out of the bone yard. We pinched some crew from the Youth Laser Fleet to give it a go! The N5.0 sails really nicely with the 'new' squarehead sail! 

All we did was add a new -state-of-tune to the mast and what a difference it made!

Read: How to make a 30 year-old Nacra contemporary.

Old (1).jpg

A New Addiction

The first Singapore 880 certainly stands out, lets hope it jumps out at the upcoming Tri Championship Singapore! It sails really effortlessly but will it have the 'grunt' is yet to be discovered. We believe the Dash 750's in our Fleet that have been race set up over the last 10 years will  probably show the new boat around the course, but we hope we are wrong! 


Corsair 31 

Race Training Platform

Just before the Covid lockdown we purchased this C31 and its great to finally have her back at HQ, Changi Sailing Club.

With its tall Carbon rig, the 31RS was one of Corsairs more powerful platforms. Yes she's a little aged but we are really keen to see how this performs in our conditions against the offspring - the C970 Sport that we have on the moorings here.

The delivery sail back from Batam went well but was enough to tell that there is a bit of a list of things to be changed to make it competitive in our Corsair Fleet here. 

First item on the list is the rudder blade. As the 31 followed the 28, this one has one of the old 28's blades. From the experience we had with our 28RS, the blade is a bit of a 'blunt' tool with not enough area ahead of the rotational axis. A balanced blade has some13% of the area ahead of this axis. If it doesn't, its kind of like steering with a barn door. So project 1 was to re-profile the blade cross-section. this was achieved by adding an inch-and-a-half to the leading edge and then fairing it all back in to create a better section. Once we've completed that, we can then go about setting up the mast rake to get better upwind angels, reaching speeds. Follow along the F31 Blog pages...

Next, the stainless steel rigging has to go in favour of synthetics. In this regard, we always use the 'old style' split sidestay system as specified by Farrier. This system allows control of rig tension plus it offers better tension on the forestay.

The next big ticket item is a new suit of sails to replace the polyester drip-drys that are on there right now. Once we have done all that, we'll have a great race training platform setup!

FOLLOW the C31 development
Corsair Xavier.jpg
What we enjoy most! Trucking along on our 'vintage' Nacra 5.8. Tough as an old boot and still winning!

TRI Training. Notes

The Notes for our TRI Training camp are up on the blog now. The Camp is aimed at our newbie Corsair Owners. If you are attending the Training, go through the Notes ahead of time and send through your questions to the Blog


NEW Blog

We set up the Blog with some Training Notes for Corsair sailing. This was targeted at our new owners trying to build up their sailing time. So far, it's been 'unsuccessful' and can only assume that folks are now travelling again and sailing has taken the back seat!


This is a large sail! Thankfully it's built in Forte and so person could actually carry it. FORTE is a molded sail. One piece means there are no panels. In  their place beautifully smooth aerodynamics!

NEW Install



we like the way you move

We are very happy to find this platform! Pace, grace and, without the hefty price tag. We come from a more race-boat environment so cruising on platforms that can't do wind speed is well, rather boring indeed! 

MaxCruise cats break the typical cruising mold by having boat speed equal wind speed so that 200+ mile days are really achievable. Although speed is one factor, the Max Cruise offer 2m+ headroom throughout, an extensive options list up to Hybrid or, all-electric propulsion.

But the most outstanding aspects are pricing and delivery times! MaxCruise have flown under the radar preferring to shy away from the limelight and concentrate on building good boats.


Another slice of Kiwi magic!..

taka bag (1).jpg


Take a Taka...

We had been looking for a suitable powerboat for what we do and this ticked all the boxes! Lightweight, very portable, really robust and the best bit, it is inexpensive. It's so light it's easy to carry in bag or sling from the davits!

The bonus bit is, on the 340 the air deck can be used independently as an SUP. This is a small enough package to fit in our Corsair and light enough to carry along where ever we head to.

Taka LX Series

260 - Load 3 people or 360 kg. Hull weight 25 kg. Max 06 hp 

300 - Load 4 people or 367 kg. Hull weight 30 kg. Max 08 hp

340 - Load 5 people or 515 kg. Hull weight 31 kg. Max 15 hp

380 - Load 6 people or 640 kg. Hull weight 36 kg. Max 20 hp 

420 - Load 7 people or 714 kg. Hull weight 50 kg. Max 25 hp

460 - Load 8 people or 815 kg. Hull weight 58 kg. Max 25 hp    

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