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Just add water!

Adventures on one, two and three hulls.

We sit at the tip of the most underrated and vast cruising grounds of the Malaysian and Indonesian Archipelagos, that offer some 17,500 islands to explore!

There's never been  a better place or time to take the plunge than right here right now and, we should know, we've been poking around these coastlines since we had our first Hobie Cat back in the '80's. 





  • Selden

  • ONE Sails

  • Gottifredi Maffioli

  • Spinlock

What We Do



We've been blasting along since 1990!

Racing boats around the region. 

We trade new & used. Big & small.

We deliver and set the platforms up. We spend a lot of time coaching to get new owners up-to-speed.

Fixing yeah, we do that too!


Why Choose From Us

It goes back a long way

We've been here and sailing since the 80's - even before it became fashionable!

Proactive performance

We own and race our own boats. We stay current and involved as enthusiasts.

Branded. From trusted factories

Back up and service 

We work with the trusted names in the sailing scene and we don't sell anything we don't use ourselves.

When you bend it, we can mend it! Ropes, rigging, repairs, even cleaning! 

The lineup!

Hanse 67_edited.jpg
hanse logo.jpg

Crafting comfort designed for the high seas with unmistakable designs and over 40 models all engineered in Germany. More Info >

logo dehler 30.jpeg

Dehler: is where performance meets elegance. Crafted in Germany, our performance yachts redefine sailing sensation. More Info >

moody ds rear.jpg
logo moody.jpeg

Moody is 150 years of excellence in sailing yacht design. Synonymous with luxury, precision, and ‘Made in Germany’ craftsmanship. More Info >


The modern “Made in Germany” motorboat brand. Engineering that is wrapped in bold styling and adapts to differing needs. More Info >


Over the last 50 years Fjord have risen to enjoy a cult status. .Thanks to their performance and unique design they are in a boat class all of their own. More Info >

sealine C390.jpg
sealine 3d logo_edited.jpg

British design, German engineering and high performance are the hallmarks that define these motor yachts from 33 to 53 feet. More Info >

The TWO's.

HH44 stb_edited.jpg

The 2024 “Boat of the Year” is an award winning, eco-friendly cruising yacht, designed from the ground up with electrification in mind. For those

seeking “the yacht of the future”

with a perfect balance of

style, performance,

safety and comfort,

the future is now…

The style council just arrived!

hh salon.jpg

HH Catamarans’ award winning designs from 44-88'. Semi-custom cruising yachts tailored to each owner’s specific needs, and offering unmatched value

seawind-1370 bow.jpg

Seawind Catamarans are a production blue-water cruising catamarans. Built in Vietnam offers the advantage of easy delivery in Asia.

nacra 500 yellow.jpg

NACRA Sport cats are where we grew up. Advanced hull symmetry, robust construction makes them the ideal way into fuss-free sailing.

Great gear for great
boats and good times!

one sails wings.jpg
One sails logo 1.jpg

ONE Sails are our sail maker of choice. We've been working with them for a decade and have not experienced a single failure.

Cordage 1.jpeg
logo 10 MAFFIOLI.png

Gottifredi Maffioli once made all the cordage for K2 folks. Now they are also found on the decks of all major ocean racers.

selden gooseneck.jpeg
logo 8 SELDEN_edited.jpg

Swedish engineering at its finest. The more we work with Selden, the more we enjoy their quality!

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-07 at 10.12_edited.jpg
rig pro logo.png

When it comes to Carbon Rigs, we are really proud to work alongside these guys - the best in the business of Carbon sticks!

You should buy into the adventure!
Because we sure did! Here's some proof!

My Time At Changi

Calendar for the multihull owners at Changi SC to remember their time there.

Bintan Island Marina

Our last recce into Pulau Bintan, Riau, Indonesia before the door shut on the world. We just checked out and 3 days later, the door was closed.

Get lost! We love it!!

Rocky Bay off the east coast of Pulau Bintan. One thing for sure, having the ability to pull the daggerboard up is a huge bonus!

Neptune Regatta

Our favourite event. Six days of island hopping through the Riau Archipelago.


All the details of our White Sands Island recce... How to get to this stunning little island and then stay.

Easter Plans

We had this all in place... Then the world went dark! It's time to go back.


When the world went dark, this was the best we could do. Pulau Hantu, yep a visit to Ghost Island. Actually it was really nice!

Vietnam to Singapore

As the door was creaking open, we managed to deliver a Seawind 1260 from Nha Trang to Singapore. Here's the gos'

EXPLORE  Feb 2020

Recce' notes from White Sands Island. Bintam, Riau.

90's cover from Changilog

Immortalised in oil! We were remembered for all our daring days on the beach cats. Those were great times! The call of the wind was greater than the call of work, so we often found ourselves heading up the coast on our Nacra 5.0 Sport Cat.

1984 Asian Boating

Having won the King's Cup, we made the cover of the regional rag'. Gosh they don't even have magazines anymore.

90's Epic

Not repeated, never beaten.

Click on the image above and follow the link to our pdf's

Our Brands

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sealine 3d logo.jpeg
One sails logo 1.jpg
logo 1  RAPIDO.jpg
logo 2  CORSAIR.jpg
logo 5 NACRA.png
Logo SeaWind.jpg
logo dehler 30.jpeg
logo moody.jpeg
logo aeronamics.jpg
logo 4 WETA.jpg
logo 10 MAFFIOLI.png

Do it and, do it now!
Adventure playground

Join our gang!

Race to a deserted island, pull the dagger board up and park it on the beach.

We are ideally located between Malaysian and vast Indonesian cruising grounds. There's never been a better time to explore these islands!

Do it now!


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