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Moody Yachts

41DS. 45DS. 48DS. 54DS

From Germany's largest boat manufacturer comes a range of boats to suit all Globetrotters.

Moody Yachts 

Exclusive Dealer: Singapore. Indonesia. Malaysia

Moody's new design ethos is encroaching into catamaran   territory with their space and huge covered cockpit area. This is globe trotting in luxury!  Moody's range are legendary for their space, headroom and sailing graces. The Tee-Top which is a real bonus in our tropical weather allows you to control the right level of protection. 

Moody 41 Deck Saloon

Moody have become the specialist boat builder for luxury in the 40-50 foot range. The DS41 was named the the year’s Best Full-Size Cruiser (Cruising World). Great interior volume coupled with great sailing manners allows the 41 to feel much larger than its length would have you believe! 

Moody-41DS sailing.jpg

Moody 45 Deck Saloon

The 45 redefines what’s possible on a 45-foot cruising monohull with all the amenities of a 60-footer. The interior space is expansive. The saloon/cockpit can accommodate the whole tribe out of the elements. 

Moody 48 Deck Saloon

The Moody DS 48 is a true ocean cruising yacht. From the saloon you have easy access to the sheltered and spacious cockpit. A safe and extremely comfortable yacht that handles well in across the wind spectrum,

Moody 54 Deck Saloon

The Moody 54 DS is an unparalleled boat and, judging from the high number of units sold and the high resale value of 54, it's become a real winner for Moody and the cruising set around the world. High quality components, cavernous interior and stately sailing characteristics have made a new market for Moody. 

moody 54 ds sailing.jpg
Moody-41DS galley.jpg

Moody DNA.
Deck Saloon Specialist

The deck saloon is the heart of Moody's DNA, this is the nerve centre for the whole boat. You can steer, cook, dine, and relax with a 360-degree view of the surroundings. This is One-Level living as  the  cockpit is on the same level as the saloon, to create a seamless connection between the inside and outside spaces.

Moody 54 helms.jpg

360 Degree
One Level Living

Moody Decksaloon Design features high topsides and a broad beam. This creates plenty of storage space and interior volume with storage for everything and including a 'cellar' for galley stows. 

One level extends to the bulwarks so there's a safe passage from stern to bow on really flat surfaces.

Moody 41ds Forcabin.jpg

Moody DNA.
Acres of useful space

The high sided design of Moody creates beautiful spaces for living and utilities. The forward cabin is now a luxurious arrangement complete with en-suite while practical spaces abound to store all manner of equipment   including the drop down transom that hides the dinghy and gantry.

Moody dinghy garage.jpg

Rigged for comfort

The masthead cutter-style rig perfectly compliments the hull form to produce long distance with ease and comfort.

Single central high-lift ratio is efficient at every angle provides confidence inspiring handling over the range of weather cycles.


The 'L' shaped keel provides surefooted grip and high ballast ratio for comfortable sailing. 

Feeling Moody in Singapore
Feeling Moody in Singapore
Feeling Moody in Singapore
Feeling Moody in Singapore
Feeling Moody in Singapore
Cruising World
Boat of the Year 

41 deck saloon

Number of cabins 2

Length over all 12.52 m

Beam 4.20 m

Displacement standard 11.60 t 

Draft 2.25 m 

Draft option 1.85 m

Sail area approx. 83.00 sqm

Yacht of the Year

45 deck saloon

Number of cabins 2 or 3

Length over all 13.72 m

Beam 4.57 m

Displacement 14.00 t 

Draft 1.98 m 

Draft option 1.60 m

Sail area approx. 106.50 sqm

Set to Conquer  

48 deck saloon

Number of cabins: Optioned

Length over all 15.42 m

Beam 4.85 m

Displacement standard 21.16 t 

Draft 2.15 m

Draft option 1.80 m

Sail area approx. 130.90 sqm 

European Yacht of the Year Nominee

41 deck saloon

Number of cabins 3 0r 4

Length over all 17.10 m

Beam 5.19 m

Displacement standard 24.70 t 

Draft 2.60 m 

Draft option 2.34 m

Sail area approx. 140.60 sqm 

Moody evening.jpg

this new 

New era bluewater sailing!


Do it and, do it now!
Adventure playground

Join our gang!

Race to a deserted island, pull the dagger board up and park it on the beach.

We are ideally located between Malaysian and vast Indonesian cruising grounds and there's never been a better time to explore these islands!

Do it now!


Photo from The World's Only Equator Race - The Netune Regatta at 'Neptune Island', Indonesia. The event has been organised by a devoted group of sailing enthusiasts but now comes under the control of Nongsa Point Marina. Held during the peak of the Northeast Monsoon this is an exciting way to spend a week island hopping through Indonesia. Regattas like the Neptune Regatta are a great way to see the beauty that lies close around us

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