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HH Catamarans

44. 50. 55. 60. 66. 80.88.

Performance. Luxury. Carbon

HH Catamarans 

Singapore. Indonesia. Malaysia

You only live once so never compromise.

Designed in partnership with renowned Naval Architect and Engineers Morrelli & Melvin,

Designed to withstand the rigors of sailing around the world multiple times in speed, comfort and style.

Just a part of the allure of the  Catamaran range is the Eco-Drive System.

Leave the dock with full electric mode, swap to diesel at any stage and charge with the solar or pick up to 5kW per shaft in Re-generation mode!

HH 44 

A disruptive market entrant designed for those seeking the perfect balance in style performance, safety and at the right price point. Like all HH Cats. the 44 can be fully customised but it sits at a price point where a fully specified production catamaran will be. Take a look at this video that explains in depth the salient points about the 44...  Video


 HH 50

The HH50 caters to enthusiasts who desire an optimal blend of speed and opulence, all within a vessel that a duo can comfortably oversee. Quite possibly, the quintessential ocean-crossing catamaran that doesn’t compromise on capability, crowned “Boat of the Year” in 2021. Two versions are available which includes the OC50... Take a look

HH 52

The HH52 represents the next stage in the evolution of our acclaimed HH50 model but, thoughtfully re-imagined for electrification. It boasts a redesigned cabin top, integrating over 4,600 watts of custom-shaped solar panels. Alongside a refreshed deck plan and interior layout, the yacht also features an expanded sail area. These enhancements collectively elevate our mid-sized luxury cruising catamaran, offering cutting-edge design and performance advancements. It must be said that once a catamaran grows to 50', it becomes much more of a proportional masterpiece. See more...


HH 55

The HH55 is the epitome of uncompromising performance in a catamaran equipped to cruise. and in 2018 it won Boat of the Year with Cruising World. wo versions are available depending how much performance you really want. The SC with twin elevated aft helms and C-shaped carbon daggerboards, and the 55SCF with its cunning forward helm station that, centralizes line handling in the forward cockpit. This design choice not only lowers the boom but also trims down weight and augments the sail area, thereby enhancing performance. Look at more details

hh55 sliding_edited.jpg

HH 60

The HH60 is the vessel of choice for those who desire boundless exploration at an unmatched velocity. It features a robust rigging system, an expansive cockpit, luxurious king-sized beds, and C-foil dagger boards that generate lift and further stretch the performance envelope. 

The center cockpit has both an indoor wheel and an outdoor wheel. The center-cockpit offers weight centralization, one location for all control lines which all adds up to more performance. At the same time, this frees up the rear deck for pure entertainment unencumbered by lines.  Take a closer look

hh60 fc.jpg

HH 66

When 66-01 flew onto the racing scene, people were held in awe! A luxury cruising cat showing race boats the way around the course! The HH66 redefines luxury cruising with its unparalleled speed, strength, and opulent fitout that surpassed all the established benchmarks to create a new order! 

he 66 embodies the pinnacle of racing technology, potentially ranking as the swiftest performance cruising catamaran globally. With its uncompromising design, the vessel boasts a full carbon build, twin helms, C-shaped carbon daggerboards, and breathtaking performance, coupled with an extraordinary degree of personalization.  But if you would like even more performance, tick the Forward Cockpit version. Jump in

HH 80

The HH80 is a marvel of modern yacht design, an all-carbon creation poised to compete with the grandeur and performance of the finest super yachts in the world. It promises a lavish experience for eight guests and three crew members, making it perfect for opulent voyages around the globe or exhilarating races.

This yacht’s innovative design features three distinct sun decks ahead of the mast, which merge sophistication with practicality, offering a vast space for relaxation, entertainment, and breathtaking views. The versatility of these areas allows for personalized configurations to suit diverse preferences, ensuring ample room for dining, unwinding, and enjoying evening drinks. This is accomplished without a prominent flybridge, maintaining the yacht’s optimal sailing capabilities and its streamlined, elegant silhouette. Take a deeper look 

HH 88

The HH88, conceived by the renowned naval architects Morrelli & Melvin in California, is set to redefine opulence for up to 10 VIP guests and 4 crew members, matching the exclusivity typically associated with the most prestigious super-yachts. This yacht is fully tailorable, offering a choice between a streamlined design for enhanced speed or additional amenities such as a bridge-deck and hot-tub for increased space.

As the inaugural model of its kind, the HH88 has already made its mark as one of the largest and most extraordinary catamarans worldwide. Its construction from pure carbon fiber is unprecedented, presenting an unmatched fusion of sumptuous luxury and dynamic performance in a singular vessel. Also available as a coupe version! Have  a look.  


HH88 at Nongsa Point Marina enroute from Okinawa, Japan to Phuket, Thailand.

Performance Symphony 

Formed in 2012, HH Catamarans stands out with a unique blend of assets: a committed in-house team of designers and engineers, collaborations with globally acclaimed naval architects, ownership of two cutting-edge production facilities, leadership by seasoned boat building experts, and a comprehensive network of top-tier sales and service specialists. This synergy of expertise and resources ensures an exceptional standard of catamaran craftsmanship and customer experience. Pivotal to 's success is the underlying core value that each model of  Catamarans must operate at the highest levels of performance without compromising safety and opulence.

hh66 piano.jpg
hh66 window.jpg

360 View
As the world flashes by

Sailing performance in all sense is the core value that has  set  HH Catamarans apart!

The high degree of personalization allows each boat produced to replicate the sense of the owner. he optional forward cockpit puts the owner-driver right in the hot seat in the most opulent of surroundings!


Each aspect of the  Design has been looked at in extreme depth to provide luxury while cruising but at the highest cruising velocity that is comfortably possible. 


Unique among cruising catamarans

HH Catamarans unique forward cockpit not only mass centralizes for optimized performance but it also removes all of the controls from the aft sheltered cockpit. 

The forward cockpit becomes the business end while the aft deck is totally unencumbered.

hh66 aft.jpg
HH44_perspective 1.webp

Rigged for FLIGHT

Central to the performance core value is, Carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is renown for its strength and lightweight characteristics. HH Catamarans use the highest level of pre-impregnated Carbon for the lightest and stiffest construction possible.  You end up with a structure that is immensely strong and won't yield under the most grueling of conditions.


Carbon fiber masts from Marstrom who have long been the leaders in this specialized field. Using carbon to support the enormous rig loads that these boats undergo is essential. The other plus point of a Carbon rig is the weight savings aloft as compared to an alloy rig. Reducing the weight aloft decreases the 'tipping' forces on the platform.


The next most vital element is the curved dagger boards also in Carbon! he curved surface of the C-Foil generates an upward force called lift. Indeed this force of lift helps to lift the platform out of the water not entirely, but just enough to reduce the displacement weight of the craft.


The boat goes faster, more lift is generated and the boat goes faster still.  

HH80 schematic.png


Most aspects of the  Catamaran range can be personalized and that extends well beyond the textures and colors! Each HH will take up a unique identity based around the owners particular needs. 

hh 66 hull flyer.webp

this new 

HH Catamarans
Really the only way to fly!


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Do it and, do it now!
Adventure playground

Join our gang!

Race to a deserted island, pull the dagger board up and park it on the beach.

We are ideally located between Malaysian and vast Indonesian cruising grounds and there's never been a better time to explore these islands!

Do it now!


Photo from The World's Only Equator Race - The Netune Regatta at 'Neptune Island', Indonesia. The event has been organised by a devoted group of sailing enthusiasts but now comes under the control of Nongsa Point Marina. Held during the peak of the Northeast Monsoon this is an exciting way to spend a week island hopping through Indonesia. Regattas like the Neptune Regatta are a great way to see the beauty that lies close around us

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