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Dehler Racer Cruisers

30OD. 34. 38SQ. 42. 46SQ

From Germany's largest boat manufacturer comes a range of boats to suit all Racer Cruisers

Dehler Yachts 

Exclusive Dealer: Singapore. Indonesia. Malaysia

Dehler is part of the expansive Hanse Yachts Group - the second largest manufacturer of boats in the world with over 8,800 yachts delivered. When you buy a Dehler you will have chosen a yacht that is comfortable to race and fast to cruise.

Dehler 30OD line_edited.jpg
Dehler Yachts lineup_edited.jpg

Dehler 46 SQ

Where Performance Meets Luxury

Experience the pinnacle of yachting with the Dehler 46. This isn't your average racer-cruiser; it's a force to be reckoned with on the racecourse, yet it transforms into a haven of sophistication for luxurious cruising. Don't compromise your competitive spirit – conquer the waves in style with the Dehler 46. Unleash its racing prowess without sacrificing the comfort and elegance you deserve.

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Dh 46sq sharp end.jpg

Dehler 42

Unleash Your Competitive Edge

Conquer the racecourse with the Dehler 42, a performance yacht meticulously crafted for regatta glory. Three ex-factory sail options ensure you have the perfect setup to dominate any circuit. The meticulously designed cockpit puts every control at your fingertips, allowing you to execute maneuvers with lightning-fast precision. Leave nothing to chance – the Dehler 42 is engineered to optimize rating systems, giving you the edge you need to claim the top spot on the podium.

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Dehler 38SQ

Unleash Inner Champion

Leave the ordinary behind. The Dehler 36 ignites your passion for racing, pushing you to the front of the pack with its exhilarating performance. Victory is yours for the taking. When the race is won, simply deploy the bimini and set sail for new horizons. Perfectly sized for adventurous couples, the Dehler 36 offers the ideal balance – spacious enough for comfort and amenities, yet effortlessly manageable for two. This sub-40 wonder is your gateway to unforgettable weekends on the water.

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Dh 38sq.jpg

Dehler 34

Power & Choice at Your Fingertips

Dominate the racecourse or explore hidden coves – the Dehler 34 adapts to your yachting aspirations. Embrace the thrill of competition with a tiller configuration, shaving weight for ultimate performance and trophy-winning potential. Prefer a more relaxed cruising experience? Opt for twin wheels for effortless maneuverability. The Dehler 34 empowers you to tailor your sailing experience without compromise.

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Dehler 30 One Design

Offshore Domination, Double-Handed

Created specifically for racing purists: The Dehler 30 is engineered for offshore glory in the demanding Double-Handed Offshore 30 Class. This is not for the faint of heart. Experience the thrill of high-performance sailing with twin rudders that deliver exceptional grip and wide aft section that propels you onto plane. The Dehler 30 equips you with everything you need to conquer double handed ocean races or, just go blasting across the bay. 

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Dh 38 interior.jpg


Dehler's Racer Cruisers hull shapes are focused on regatta performance but they contain interior spaces that recognise the need to be very comfortable between regatta sets! 

It's a beauty that goes beyond skin deep. Rounded surfaces on the side lockers are a unique way to add aesthetics while being immensely practical. The cabinets open in an upward fashion which means no more rummaging through lockers to find your gear. With 3 levels of trim, you are bound to find  your gear. With 3 levels of interior trim you can personalise your experience.

Dh 38 interior.jpg



Dehler:  the original performance cruiser: Since 1963, the shipyard has demonstrated it's prowess in building performance oriented cruisers. Under Hanse Groups watchful eyes, the brand has been able to move into a new league that very nicely ridges the gap between high-performance sports sailing and stylish, highly aesthetic living comfort. Dehler Yachts are controlled by a group of passionate sailors and built to regatta standards of performance by skilled craftsmen to the highest quality of "Made in Germany" precision.

Dh 34 aft.jpg


At Dehler, sailing performance is the greatest virtue of any sailing boat and so, Dehler focuses on hull forms that are easily driven through the water. This efficiency comes from the right hull prismatic combined with a proper rig. For regatta sailors there is no more efficient rig than the fractional rig. The fractional rig gives the sail plan a larger mainsail and a smaller head sail. This is the optimal set up for regatta boats as it allows for optimal tuning for varying conditions.

Dh 38 interior.jpg


In the 1970's Willi Dehler started making racing yachts as successful as he was, he soon had a good following! The tradition has remained with Dehler ever since, build fine yachts that a great at regattas. The regatta set is about on-water performance but not at the expense of comfort! More recently, Karl Dehler pushed a Dehler 38 to a 2nd place a Kiel Week while the new Dehler 30 One Design was crowned Best Offshore Racer 2022 - that's the true DNA of Dehler. But underneath it all, there's always a very nice interior space to retire to when racing is over.

Dh 34 aft.jpg

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We are ideally located between Malaysian and vast Indonesian cruising grounds. There's never been a better time to explore these islands!

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