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Who We Are

We are sailing buffs.

We live with it!

Pro Sail Asia was started in 1990 by Alice Lim and Scott McCook with the sole idea of introducing hi-performance sailing to the region.

We started with Hobie Cat Fleet #492 Singapore in the 80's but by 1990, the "physics of a new design" came along in the shape of a Nacra catamaran.

In 2000 we went into lightspeed with the Taipan Catamarans. By 2010 some of our sailors started to out grow the beach scene and so the Corsair Trimaran came into play.

From there we had a stint with Gunboat Catamarans and that lead us to where we are now with  Catamarans.

From just the two of us there is now just four of us and we're still doing the same old things just with bigger platforms.

Cover Asian Boating.jpg

Asian Boating, 1984.

The King's Cup of Phuket became the highlight of the sailing season for Southeast Asia. Dinghies, beach cats, keelboats were all included and came from far afield to take part and experience Thai hospitality at its very best! We ended up winning it 6 times in the beach cat class on a Hobie 16, Nacra 5.0 and Nacra 5.8. We took a 5th place in race boats on a Farr 40 and a 6th in Premiere Cruising aboard a Swan 78! Fantastic days! Now we are considering heading back up on one of our Corsairs!

Time flies....

1984 Hobie Cat, Singapore. This is where our beach roots really took hold. There was nothing better in the 80's than skimming over the water on a Hobie.

1990 Nacra Cats The "physics of a new design" took beach cats in a new direction.

1988 Our first 'Epic' - Changi - Sibu Island by Hobie Cat. The beginning of larger .

1990 SIN - PHK Epic 1100 nm's on a Nacra 5.0 beach cat! The record still stands. 8 days northbound. 7 Days of the Kings Cup Regatta and 13 days south bound. That's a month on a 2 X 2 trampoline!

2000 Taipan Cats. This was the beginning of the hi-tech, lightweight era that evolved into theFormula 16 Class in Singapore.

2010 Corsair Tri's The first Sprint 750 in Singapore was quickly followed by 'The Dash' 750 and our horizons stretched a litte further. Soon we had a One-Design Fleet and now we have over 20 Corsairs in our fleet.

2015 RAW Raw was a prototype 30' Carbon racing trimaran staged to go into production. We were involved with the factory with Hudson Hakes marine in Xiamen, China. A fabulous boat that attached us to Gunboat Catamarans from the same factory.

2020 Seawind By virtue that we were the Corsair Dealer we became the Seawind Dealer.


Mission Control

We can usually be found dangling from a trapeze!

Our Nacra 5.8 is 26 years young.

We still have it. It's still a thrill to race

and keeps us feeling young! 

The thing with sailing, if you buy the boat you NEED and not the one you WANT, you'll never be disappointed in the least! We still drag our Nacra 5.0 out during the Monsoon, that boat is 30 years old and has made more miles than most cruising boats will ever manage!

Keeping at it

Age is a number

We're not young, just young at heart and active sailing keeps us alive!

Mix it up

Go racing, it's the best way to learn. Go cruising, it's the best way to switch off!

Keep pushing

Stretch limits. Sailing is as infinite as the horizon. Don't limit yourself.

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