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Rapido Trimarans

40. 50. 53 XS. 60

The  World's fastest CRUISING Trimaran.

Rapido Tri's

Singapore. Indonesia. Malaysia

Expanding the Horizon:

For those seeking the versatility and efficiency of advanced lightweight construction in a different platform, Rapido Trimarans introduces an exciting new chapter. This expansion reflects a commitment to innovation to cater to a wider range of boating needs.


Seamless Living, Effortless Sailing: Light, quick, and comfortable, the latest trimaran from Rapido brings cruising right up to top speed. The 40 merges the joy of bright, airy above-water living areas with super efficient sailing capabilities. Crafted in Carbon construction, the boat boasts exceptional lightness and agility. C-Foils add dynamic lift to elevate the cruising speed and a self tacking jib for those who want to sail as a couple or solos.



The 50 rattles off a few hundred cruising miles in a day and then could be folded and put into a narrow pen!  The R50 offers performance with incredible stability for fast passage-making and safe ocean crossings. The inherent stability of a trimaran with its nearly square design and weight centred in the middle creates a monohull-style sailing experience. With multihull stability, trimaran speeds the R50 is still capable of being handled by a couple.



The XS was born to satisfy the "a bit more space crowd. Based on the success of the 50, the 53XS reflects the early days of trimarans when the 'wings' had accommodating spaces built into them. The XS has the same water profile as the 50 so it still retains all the speed sailing attributes. Where it really differs is above the waterline where the waist flairs out. The roof line has been broadened so that now the salon has much more volume and even enough to create a cabin.   Same great commanding view from the helm station , just more space for relaxing after you've knocked off another couple of hundred miles! 



The 60 was the first design for Rapido Trimarans, this Queen of the Oceans turned trimarans into an alternative platform for blue water sailing with one small difference - express speeds! Morrelli & Melvin pulled out all the stops to create a boat that can be safely sailed by a couple yet easily hit big double digits. The 60 was the first time that a trimaran gained useful interior space with the living on one level concept. An effortless mile muncher in full Carbon construction!

R60 qtr.jpg

Shrinking Specialist

The Rapido 60 was conceived, designed and constructed as an owner-operated, powerful, ocean-cruising trimaran. apido provides unparalleled living and storage space with safety, stability and comfort held as a top priority. To achieve this, Rapido engaged the services of the the best designers and engineers in the world, Morrelli & Melvin. The result is a craft that is swift, secure and can even fold to fit into a smaller marina berth!  

Rapido schematic.jpg

One Level Living

One level living refers to the single floor level from the aft end of the cockpit salon right the way to the main bulkhead where the mast is located. Coupled with the large storage access areas in the ama's, the living space is never encroached upon by odd storage items. 

Carbon construction throughout offers a stiff, lightweight and robust platform that will not deform with age. There are multiple watertight bulkheads in the platform to ensure structural integrity.

But mostly, trimarans are about going fast is a safe manner. Morrelli and Melvin have vast experience with Emirates Team NZ AC campaigns and know a thing or two about fast sailing boats! 

Using Americas Cup inspired C-Foils, Rapido uses the lift generated to increase speed throughout the wind range while at the same time, keeping the platform in a poisitive angle of attack to oncoming waves for a very safe ride even blustery conditions.

Rapido interior.jpg

Acres of useful space

Narrow on the waterline but fully flaired above, Rapidos cabin is very beamy and has a flat soul from the main bulkhead all the way into the cockpit salon. The helm station is one split level above to contain all the controls and offer an unobstructed view to the four corners of the platform.

Rapido helmstation.webp

Excesses do Exist

Whilst the 'standard' Rapido has more than enough space there were demands for 'more'. The Xtra-Space 53 takes a design que from the very early days of trimarans when the wing areas contained accomodation areas.

The 53 XS has all the attributes of the the Rapido lineage but just utilises a portion of the wing area to create a more expansive interior.


More space at about the same pace as the others.  

Rapid 25+.jpg


“SAIL Top 10 Best Boats 2024" nominee.

  • LOA: 12.03m (39' 6")

  • LWL: 12.00m (39' 4")

  • BOA: 8.80m (28' 10")

  • BOA (folded, non canting): 5.8m (19' 3")

  • BOA (float to float CL): 7.98m (26' 2")

  • Average light displacement: 5,200kgs (11,474lbs)

  • Daggerfoil up: 0.87m (2' 10")

  • Daggerfoil down: 2.18m (7' 2")

  • Engine: Yanmar diesel, 29hp, shaft drive

R40 Video


  “Multihull of the Year, 2022".

  • LOA: 15.24m (50 ft)

  • LWL: 15.2m (49.9 ft)

  • BOA: 10.24m (33.6 ft)

  • BOA (folded): 5.8m (19.0 ft)

  • BOA (float to float CL): 9.29m (30.5 ft)

  • Average light displacement: 8,550kgs (18,850 lbs)

  • Daggerboard up: 0.67m (2.2 ft)

  • Daggerboard down: 3.52m (11.5 ft)

  • Mast Height above DWL: 24.98m (82 ft)

R50 Video


For those
who like
speed + space

  • LOA: 16.1m (53ft)

  • LWL: 15.2m (50ft)

  • BOA: 10.36m (34ft)

  • Daggerboard up: 0.67m (2.2ft)

  • Daggerboard down: 3.94m (11.5ft)

  • Average light displacement: 9,350kgs (20,613lbs)

  • Headroom in saloon and cockpit: 2.0m (6.6')

  • Headroom in forward cabin: 1.91m (6.27')

  • Air draft: 26.56m (87ft)

R53xs document


for express blue water cruising.

  • Length: 18.1m (59.3 ft)

  • Beam: 11.7m (38.4 ft)

  • Draft: 1.0m (2.5 ft)

  • Average light displacement: 9,700 kgs (21,385 lbs)

  • Displacement (max load): 12,000kg

  • Headroom (average): 2.1m (6 ft 11 inches)

  • Mast height above water: 25.3m (83 ft)

  • Storage volume of floats (at greatest dimension): (l) 4.5m x (w) 1.3m x (h) 1.5m

R60 Video, R60 @ 24 knots


Do it and, do it now!
Adventure playground

Join our gang!

Race to a deserted island, pull the dagger board up and park it on the beach.

We are ideally located between Malaysian and vast Indonesian cruising grounds and there's never been a better time to explore these islands!

Do it now!


Photo from The World's Only Equator Race - The Netune Regatta at 'Neptune Island', Indonesia. The event has been organised by a devoted group of sailing enthusiasts but now comes under the control of Nongsa Point Marina. Held during the peak of the Northeast Monsoon this is an exciting way to spend a week island hopping through Indonesia. Regattas like the Neptune Regatta are a great way to see the beauty that lies close around us

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