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Hanse Yachts 

Hanse. Dehler. Moody. RYCK. Fjord. Sealine

From Germany's largest boat manufacturer comes a range of boats to suit all sorts!

Hanse Yachts 

Exclusive dealer: Singapore. Indonesia. Malaysia

Hanse Yachts are the second largest manufacturer of boats in the world with over 8,800 yachts delivered to owners worldwide. When you buy a Hanse you will be joining a large and growing family! The Hanse Group includes Hanse, Dehler and Moody Yachts each with it's distinct flavour!

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Fast Cruisers

Nine models from 30 to 67'

A boat for all tastes.

logo dehler 30.jpeg

Racers Cruiser

Five models from 30 to 46'

Cruise Fast. Race Comfortably.

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logo moody.jpeg

Blue Water Pedigree

Four models from 41 to 54'

The boat for all seasons..

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Fast Cruisers with Comfort

With nine super models to choose from, there's a Hanse for every taste! All Hanse's contain the same DNA so it doesn't matter if it's 30 or 60 feet long, all have beautifully comfortable interiors and cover distances with great ease.

Rig: As a cruising boat, Hanse's are masthead rigs but they also use self-tacking jibs so that handling is a really, too easy!

Hull form: Hanse's new architect's have taken the modern approach of a very wide aft section. This changes the cockpit into a true lounge! 

Lineup: The new boats in the lineup come with copious amounts of room down below. The new-age bow symmetry generates a massive volume in the master cabins for class leading amenities.

Award winners: Soon to be released 360, 410, 460, 510 and 560 are all claiming more than their fair share of the Awards.

Hanse Fast Cruisers

315  - Compact with the high standards

348 - Made for realising dreams

388 - Sporty Sailing Pleasure

410 - Future Prrof Sailing

460 - Class Leader By Far

510 - Bold and Brilliant

548 - The Stylish Way To Freedom

588 - Elegance Meets Dynamics


logo dehler 30_edited.jpg

Cruiser Racers

Five models in the range that starts with the very sporty 30 One Design race boat and goes all the way up to the 46SQ. Dehler have were traditionally making cruiser racers until Hanse upped their sporting nature to creat a very comfortable range of racer-cruisers.

Rig: As race oriented cruisers, the Dehlers feature the rig-of-choice, the fractional with a greater degree of optimised possibilities.

Hull form: Dehlers are just a bit narrower in the aft section than the equivalent Hanse model for a more speed oriented hull prismatic number and a reduced wetted area.

Lineup: Dehler are somewhat of a specialist in the 30-40 foot range. These are all very comfortable boats to race with with the 30OD being more hardcore oriented of the lineup with a minimalised interior space.

Rating winners: From the experience gained by the One Sails loft in Australia, "put a proper race package of sails on it and it's a winner!".

Dehler Racer Cruisers

30 OD - Play Harder

34 - Cruiser Racer

38 - Speed Meets Quality

42 - Sport Meets Comfort

46SQ - The New Flagship

Dh 46 drawing.jpeg

Bluewater Cruisers

With five models from 41 to 54 feet, Moody have become something of a specialist in 40' bluewater, luxury cruisers.The introduction of the Deck Salon has definitely pushed the envelope for 40' cruising boats as these now encroaching in catamaran space territory. 

Rig: Masthead rigs are par for the course in the cruising division. with the self-tacking setup on the jib for effortless handling..

Hull form: Moody's have been optimised for cavernous interiors while the hull form is built to offer sea kindly manners and a smooth ride in a variety of sea states. Comfort plus! 

Lineup: The mid-range blue-water specialist has four models between 41 and 54 feet. Each suits a differing budget and all are built to offer stately global cruising. The Deck Salon is one level area from cockpit to front bulkhead. 

Style council: Moody's are the stately mid-size yachts that offer comforts normally in the reserve of much larger yachts.  .

Moody Sultry Models

Decksalon 41 - Groundbreaking

Decksalon 45 - The Next Generation

Decksalon 48 - The Next Generation

Decksalon 54 - The Next Generation

h 410 cockpit.webp


Bold Vision. Flawless Execution

The driving force behind Hanse is to revolutionise the simplicity of sailing.  Hanse combines minimalist elegance and focused aesthetics to deliver performance and comfort on board.  By placing the highest value on flawless execution and optimumised series production quality, Hanse are able deliver stylish yachts at very competitive prices..

h 348 interior.jpg


Fast Cruising

By bringing together cutting-edge technologies and expertly engineered hull shapes that optimise hydrodynamics,

results in a yacht where every element, from keel to sails, is tuned for swift, luxurious voyaging.

Embrace the Swift

h 388 brownie.jpg
h 315 cockpit lounge.jpeg


Really Easy Sailing

Hanse have constantly reshaped contemporary sailing through their innovation to make effortless voyages a reality. This included  introducing the self-tacking and centralised all controls to the helm. Clean uncluttered decks, are safe place at sea while offering ample space for relaxation at the marina and now, Hanse bring the Tee-Top to market in a move that looks purpose built for our Asian environment.  


Hanse 318.png


Make it your own

Hanse take great pride in allowing each boat to become personalised masterpieces. A myriad of customisation options, making each yacht a true reflection of individual taste, from hull colour to cabin layout. Choose fabrics, fine woods, and preferred hues, all without compromising the renowned quality and performance that define Hanse. Get a yacht that speaks your language in every crafted detail.

Embrace the Personalised

Hanse aerial shot 1.jpg

this new 

Be Bold. Be Brilliant!


Do it and, do it now!
Adventure playground

Join our gang!

Race to a deserted island, pull the dagger board up and park it on the beach.

We are ideally located between Malaysian and vast Indonesian cruising grounds. There's never been a better time to explore these islands!

Do it now!


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