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RYCK Power




Singapore. Indonesia. Malaysia

Bold. Chic. Fun and it's German! RYCK is a young brand that has turned weekender into an art form. Bold new design, Chic interior and options and the most Fun to drive with it's reversed bow and air intakes that allow the hull to ride on air bubbles for increased performance, reduced fuel consumption and a really plush ride.

Be BOLd.

RYCK brings a new level of boldness into the weekend adventure market.



A bold new Euro-design aimed at making your adventures all the more appealing.

Be fun

Configure the 280 to suit your life style.

There's a style to suit each lifestyle.

Wake boarder. Fishing. Adventure. Weekender.

Use the Configurator to set the boat up exactly as you need it!

RYCK set out to make the 280 more fun to look at, to drive and to own

RYCK dive.jpg

40 knots

Mercury 300hp 4 Stroke technoogy or,
Upgrade to 350hp for more performance or,

Optional 250hp for more economy.


The RYCK 280 uses outboard motor power for the most reliable, easy-to-maintain power source available

go figure!

Your Boat
Your Way!!

Just because it's an adventure boat doesn't mean it has to be industrial. Add luxury to the cuddy cabin, Choose the colours add the textures. Make it yours!

be chic!

Most boats are white - but that's not RYCK! Everyone loves a red convertible! Blue is cool, green is GO but perfect is Pearl!

They say true beauty is on the inside!

The RYCK 280 won't disappoint in this department!

Built under the front sun pad lounge and accessed by a companionway next to the helm station is the cuddy complete with big Vee-berth and, surpirse surprise a very useful head arrangement. 

RYCK cockpit.jpg
RYCK air intakes.jpg
RYCK logos_edited.png

It's such a plush ride!

The hull has a deep-vee shape so that it cuts through waves and tracks straight. The air-slots in the hull suck air under the hull as the boat moves forward and allow the hull ride ride across a blanket of air bubbles. This reduces friction for more performance and better fuel economy. Check out a great 280 video from Dan's Boating Life

RYCK Aerial.jpg

this new 

Dynamic design, Done right.


Do it and, do it now!
Adventure playground

Join our gang!

Race to a deserted island, pull the dagger board up and park it on the beach.

We are ideally located between Malaysian and vast Indonesian cruising grounds and there's never been a better time to explore these islands!

Do it now!


Photo from The World's Only Equator Race - The Netune Regatta at 'Neptune Island', Indonesia. The event has been organised by a devoted group of sailing enthusiasts but now comes under the control of Nongsa Point Marina. Held during the peak of the Northeast Monsoon this is an exciting way to spend a week island hopping through Indonesia. Regattas like the Neptune Regatta are a great way to see the beauty that lies close around us

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