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WETA Trimarans

Okay it's a small one. 

But it's a whole heap of fun!


Weta crash test team

Our Fleet comprises ten Wetas right now that are right at home blasting up and down the Straits of Johore that separate Singapore and Malaysia.

Our Weta sailors are not the type to line up on a start line but prefer the lazy blast across the straits and the Weta is very good at that.

It's an easy boat to live with. It doesn't consume maintenance hours or parts. Rig it. Sail it and throw the cover over it when you're done. 

Fun is simple.


Weta out for a blast

The stability offered by the trimaran platform gives great confidence to the inexperienced while allowing the experienced sailors greater leverage and that directly translates into more pace.

Wetas come equipped with a Gennaker that really boosts reaching and broad reaching speeds.

Even if you've never sailed with a 'flying' sail, you'll be hooked from the very start. Furling the gennaker is as simple as un-cleating the furling line and pulling the sheet.

Fast is fun.


Weta straight forward fun

When we got our first Weta it didn't really make sense. Here was a trimaran with a conservative rig! But along came the first Northeast Monsoon and then the Weta made perfect sense.


The really good bit about the Weta is - it's Easy but not in a boring way! It's just easy because of it's balance! So anyone can jump on it and have a good time.  Go solo or with a bunch. Experienced or not, the Weta will accommodate anyone.

For the uninitiated, it'll feel like a Laser to sail albeit much faster!

Easy as!

Weta flyover.jpg

​​​Even though the Weta factory is nearby to us the Covid situation has created a wait list for new boats. If you are thinking about a new Weta, best to jump in early before the wait list balloons out of all proportion!

10 reasons to enjoy the Weta..

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