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Platforms for all kinds of adventures

The beach set 

This is the most enjoyable way into sailing. Great thrills and virtually no maintenance. Spend a year or two on a beach cat and then move up.

Weta Trimaran. Nacra Sport Cats. 

Changi SC, jetty Singapore

The beach scene at Changi SC, Singapore.

The cruising cat

The cat has become the platform of choice for the cruising set and when it comes to space, it can't really be beaten. Within our brands we have production Seawinds and the Hudson Hakes range.  

Seawind Cat

Unrestrained Excess. The exploration express.

Take it easy

We still own an old X-Yacht a by-gone period but we are really happy with the Hanse. Crisp styling, nice sailing and great interiors and so well priced. Also under the Hanse brand are,

Hanse. Dehler. Moody

Hanse 67 limited edition

Easy going comfortable cruisers.

The jet set

We really love our trimarans. Handles like a monohull, goes like a sport cat - they are the best of both worlds! Unfold a new adventure with Corsair or tear up the world in the Rapido - the world's fastest cruising tri'.

Neptune Island, Neptune Regatta

Tri' - pole position! Neptune Island Regatta


It's a great escape

No matter how big or small, a boat will always be the best escape!

View of Singapore from Kusu Island. Corsair 28.

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