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Unfold a new adventure every weekend.

Corsair Trimarans

The shallow draft attributes of the Corsair allows easy access to island beaches. That's a good thing as the 17,000 islands that surround us are pretty much all ringed by coral reefs.

Our Dash 750 has been up the Malaysian coast as well as down to the equator with the Neptune Regatta many times!

These are the Swiss Army Pocket Knife of trimarans

They've got all the features but you can fold them up and put them away!

We love our Corsairs. When we received our first one in 2010 we got it out of the box, put it together and Dashed to Tioman Island, with 4 people onboard! The C 750 surprisingly had ample space for gear, cooking and sleeping but, the best bit was ripping up the Malaysian East Coast! Peaking at 18 knots under spinnaker in the middle of the night was a dream run!

At the same time we were heading NE to Malaysia's beautiful Tioman Island, two intrepid sailors took a C31 and circled the North Pole - because they could!

Since then, our Corsair Fleet has grown to some 22 boats, mostly C 750's and 60's but also includes C28's, C 880, C 970 Sport plus the venerable C31RS. Many of our 750's have made the mad dash to the Equator in the Neptune Regatta - the World's Only Equator Race! The rest of the fleet seem to be happy doing the Club scene in Singapore.

Editors Pick: From the current lineup, the 970 Sport! The 970 exemplifies trimaran sailing. Full headroom, a proper head and it effortlessly munches miles!

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Unfold a new adventure,
every weekend!

The patented Farrier folding system was revolutionary when it appeared on the F-27 which is one of few sailing craft to make it to the Hall of Fame! The folding system allowed for all the attributes of a trimaran and when you finished playing, you could fold it up into a single berth or trailer it to your next sailing adventure.


Corsair 760 Singapore

The C 750 was for many years, Corsair's bread-and-butter boat such a sales success it was! Light, nimble and sporty yet the cabin can contain enough gear for a week away. We know because we do it all the time! The 760 adds a new dimensions to the 750's hallmark qualities of speed, safety and ease of use. The 'new-style' amas on the 760 means that this platform sails much flatter than the 750 that it replaces. This is the Swiss Army Knife of trimarans.



Length: 7.39 m

Width: 5.46/2.5 m

Sail area Upwind: 38.1 sq m

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Corsair 880 at Changi SC Singapore

The 880 had some big shoes to fill that 

started way back in 1986 with the Hall-of-Fame F-27. The 880 is a radical departure from the iconic Farrier shapes to the more modern 'French' shapes, this all-new  from the ground up Corsair has an aft cabin to sleep 5 , a head and full standing headroom. The cockpit is an ergonomic affair with the highlight being the flying lounge seats. With the 880 Corsair has created a more comfort oriented small trailer-tri for long weekends.



Length: 8.8 m

Width: 6.8/2.5 m

Sail area Upwind: 51.5 sq m

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Corsair 970 a favourite

The "Cruze" 970 is based on the very successful F31 that made a cruising name for itself by conquering the Northwest passage and dominating Corsair racing fleets around the world. With over 20 years of evolution behind it, the 970 is a well and truly sorted platform. Right out-of-the-box it performs flawlessly and quite literally, the only thing you need to add is water! A proper head arrangement, full headroom and more interior volume make this the best of the trailer-tri's!



Length: 9.7 m

Width: 6.88/2.5 m

Sail area Upwind: 62 sq m

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