Originally the North American Catamaran Racing Association sailed a platform called the Sol Cat 18. But when Tom Roland came along with the Roland 36 and proceeded to show what a well designed cat was really capable of the world shifted. The Roland 36 was a boat well ahead of its time and was the grand daddy to what we call the Formula 40's. Roland's cat was demountable, fast, exciting with triple trapezes and capable of 30 knots even way back in the 80's! But professional sailing was not listening and so the 36 has shrunk down into a half-scale model and, the NACRA 5.2 emerged. The rest as they say, is history.


In those days Hobie was the major beach cat builder followed by Prindle and Nacra. Nacra have always kept their technical edge in the beach cat front and today the Nacra 17 is the new Olympic platform. This is an exciting mixed crew, double trapeze weapon. The curved foils are keeping the world's best sailors on their toes as they try to come to terms with the 3rd Dimension that has been added to sailing now.


We started with Nacra back in 1990 and have been evolving with them ever since. We introduced Southeast Asia to Nacra's by sailing a Nacra 5.0 all the way from Singapore to Phuket, Thailand and back. You can read about the journey in our Resources. But through it all the little Nacra got pummeled by some bad Sumatras and still kept going. The Epic Nacra 5.0 was sold many years after and has since returned to Australia where she might be working still or sitting in a garage. 


Nacra's have maintained their edge in sailing performance. In Nacra's modern methods this involves Morrelli and Melvin who are by now the most famous desin power house in the world largely in part due to the latest Americas Cup. Morrelli and Melvins Emirates Team New Zealand may seem like world's apart from a humble beach cat but some of the lessons learned have really filtered down to beach level.


The Nacra 20 Carbon is a direct descendant of the M&M AC Program. The curved foils, the bow, hard chine, under water shapes are class AC45. Indeed some of the AC teams spent time sailing N20C's just to get an idea of what the modern high-performance cat can do.


Over the past 20 years with Nacra we've been able to not only watch the quiet evolution but it has allowed us to keep our hand in it as they say and stay current with the world of multihulls. 


The Nacra 17 Olympic will bring a whole new genre of sailor into the fold. The N17 is proving to be a handful for some of the world's most talented sailors. Sailing on foils is a paradigm shift that was really needed in sailing. Add to that the fact that the N17 must be mixed crew and that's making it a lot more interesting for all and especially good at getting ladies into sailing at a much higher level.


But beyond all the sailing hype, Nacra haven't forgotten their roots and have produced sporty little catamarans that the whole family can enjoy. We love Nacra and we look forward to many more good years on the water.


Nacra 460 - the Sportster of the family. Simple, robust and can be sailed by one two or everyone!


Nacra 500 - this is the modern edition of the one we sailed 1000nm on. Goes anywhere, does anything.


Nacra 570 - the beach cat powerhouse. Simple, large platform that really zooms along.


Nacra F18 Infusion - the most successful F18 now in its MKii form. This is the F18 that is easiest for average crews to quickly get up to speed on.


Nacra 17 Olympic - watch the Olympics! Watch the fun! They're all practicing now...


Nacra 20 Carbon - the maxi production beach cat that money can buy.


Do yourself a favour, go sail a Nacra today! We did and we never looked back!

nacra sport cats

Nacra 460

The sportster of the Nacra line. Anybody can enjoy this little boat...


Nacra 500

Nacra's do-it-all machine and just to prove so, we sailed one from Singapore to Phuket, Thailand.

Nacra 15

This is the number for the future of youth sailing! The flying 15 with 3 foil configurations. What a winner..


Nacra 17 Olympic

Powerful and with lifting foils, proving to be a rather exciting platform for the Olympic mixed crew...


Nacra 18 Infusion

Nacra's legendary Infusion named after the build process. The first beach cat to be built using the technique...


Nacra 20 carbon

The maxi beach cat. They don't come much bigger than this! But she's also light... and super fast!

NACRA have been on the fly since the N20C first hit the water. That was followed by the Nacra 17 Olympic machine and now the Flying 15! The Nacra 15 has become the Youth Multihull Platform and this number is bound to excite!


Initially launched with C-Foils the 15 has now sprouted Z-Foils based on the A-Class cat developments. The 'quad' foil arrangement makes for steadier flight control.


But the real 'trickery' lies in the daggerboard cassettes that allows,

- straight

- curved C-foils and

- Z foils to be used in the same platform!


This gives the 15 the uncanny ability to swap modes according to the class she is running in or the abilities of the crews onboard at the time.

Naturally, the less experienced multihull sailors can run the 'straight' foils until they build up their skill sets. Then swap to the Curves to gain some 'percentage' foiling experience before hitting the 'Full Flight' mode offered by the Z-foils...


Whilst it's 'backwards' compatible we can't imagine anyone going back to straight foils after flying with either the C or Z configuration!


Well done Morrelli and Melvin for another stunning new multihull....


Orders for the Full Flight 15 can only be enertained in 2017 so order now and get yourself a good number in the que!


Flying 15.. want! 


Have a look at some more 15 photos