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Bluewater comfort cruisers



The Seawind 1600 cuts through the waves with exhilarating speed, leaving even jaded sailors impressed. This "performance" vessel doesn't compromise on comfort, boasting spacious cabins and premium finishes.

The 1600's luxurious touches extend from its meticulously crafted interior to its top-of-the-line amenities that elevate every voyage. Combined with its impressive speed, this a  luxury performance cruiser.



Length: 16.1 m 

Width: 8.1 m

Displacement: 13,500 kg

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sw 1370.jpeg

A groundbreaking 45-foot performance catamaran that seamlessly blends the thrilling speed of the Seawind 1600 and the award-winning comfort of the Seawind 1260.  The high-performance hull contains expansive living spaces while the iconic tri-fold door transforms the saloon and cockpit into one huge area. The cockpit, is shielded by a large hardtop that doubles as a solar farm with 1000 watts of power.  



Length: 13.7 m

Width: 7.6 m

Displacement: 11,000 kg

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sw 1260.jpg

This Seawind is as good, different and rewarding now asit is was when it first launched and is now unique when compared to so many 'modern' hard edge shapes. The more organic shape affords natural airflow throughout the cabins while the narrow hull form has allowed the 1260 to become a 

legendary performer with the bluewater cruising  set. This Seawind is reknown as a real passage maker. 



Length: 12.45 m

Width: 6.8 m

Displacement: 8,200 kg ​

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sw 1190.jpg

The 1190 is intended to be sportier than its comfortable-cruising sibling. Carbon was used in the layup to add stiffness and reduce weight. Pounds were also saved by moving to fiber standing rigging, rather than wire, and replacing twin 30-horsepower Yanmars and saildrives with a couple of 20-horsepower outboards that can beretracted while sailing to eliminate drag. Also contributing to hull slipperiness are daggerboards, used instead of stub keels. The net result isone of the most spritely catamarans in the sub 50 foot range.



Length: 11.9 m

Width: 6.5 m

Displacement: 6,600 kg

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sw 1170.jpeg

The new edge of the wedge is the new 39ft passage maker! The 1370 introduced new design ethos to the Seawind range in a vivid departure from the iconic organic shapes of the originals. Now the 1170 sits between the 1160 and 1190 and brings with it new a new symmetry for more performance, more space and more comfort that is bound to please the cruising set. This 1170 retains key core Seawind elements, including relatively light displacement, plus twin aft helm stations with excellent protection and visibility.



Length: 11.9 m

Width: 6.5 m

Displacement: 9.2 m

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sw 1160.jpg

Seawind set out to create a boat that was light but offshore worthy, simple to maintain yet elegant, easy to single hand as well as modern and attractive for living aboard. A tall list of requirements, particularly in a 38-footer. The 1160 shaves off some more kgs while adding dagger boards and lifting rudders in the LITE version. The 1160 is light and nimble for a cruising cat yet still retains the Seawind DNA of being a true cruising cat. Indeed it was one of Seawind's best selling cats stemming from it's ease of maintenance.



Length: 11.6 m

Width: 6.5 m

Displacement : 6,500 kg

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sw sailing.jpeg
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