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RAPIDO Trimarans

We got our first one in 1990. 

And sailed it 'everywhere'!



This 11ft catamaran was primarily designed to get children confident with catamaran sailing. The single trapeze keeps the interest alive and action happening. An adult can sail the 350 and operates well with one adult and one child onboard.


Small and easy to handle catamarans, the features all the used on Nacra's race catamarans. Simple to sail and very versatile, the Nacra 350 will teach the art of catamaran sailing to a new generation of young sailors. 

With the new Nacra 17 being chosen for the next Olympics-this is the perfect starting point for the next generation of young sailors. For the young and young at heart!


  • Wave piercing

  • large volume hulls 

  • Non skid built into hull

  • Safe trapezing

  • Extra bulkheads Ultra strong construction

  • Boomless square top mainsail 

  • Pre-shaped racing battens 

  • Non overlapping jib

  • Easy tacking & gibing

  • Mesh trampoline with pocket 

  • Adjustable carbon reinforced rudders 

  • Ackerman steering system 

  • Kick up rudders Safe Beaching

  • Quick release rudder connection 

  • Anodised spars 

  • 6:1 mainsheet system 

  • 3:1 downhaul system 

  • 4 wheel traveler car 

  • Single trapeze system 

  • Adjustable chainplates

  • Plastic coated side stays 

  • Captive mast step system 

  • Semi eclipsed front beam 

  • Adjustable wire dolphin striker 

  • Under 2.1m width 

  • 1 year limited warranty​



Length: 3.5m

Width: 2.1m

Sail area Mainsail: 8 sq m

Jib: 1.35 sq m

Mast height: 5.7m

Cheapest entry to cat sailing...

Nacra's 'mini-cats' appeal to the entry level, the less-confident and those who just want some fuss free sailing and the boomless sails really appeal!

The most simple rudder system and no daggerboards means you can beach them without worrying.


nacra 430.jpg

Employing all the latest technology in design and build techniques, this 14 footer is unlike others that came before.​

Advanced bow design by the lead designer from the AC campaign, the bow has similar fluid dynamics of the very successful Infusion F18. Such an advanced bow allows the front beam to be mounted further forward offering a huge trampoline.

With a mid-pole snuffer spinnaker, just as on the F-18, the 430 is a pocket rocket. Stretch the performance with a single trapeze and it becomes a very quick little boat.​ Large storage hatches in both hulls add to the usefulness of the platform. Kick-up rudders and  a boom-less make this as safe as it fun. 


  • moulded white

  • Flex Mylar main and jib

  • foam sandwich hulls

  • wave piercing design

  • large volume hulls

  • large storage compartment

  • race Mylar mainsail 

  • boomless square top mainsail

  • tapered race battens

  • mesh trampoline with pocket

  • carbon reinforced rudders

  • kick up rudder system

  • Ackerman steering system

  • anodised spars

  • plastic coated shrouds

  • adjustable trapeze system

  • RCB traveller

  • 6:1 Mainsheet system

  • 8:1 Downhaul

  • captive mast ball system

  • high aspect racing spinnaker

  • Nacra mid pole snuffer system

  • ratchamatic spinnaker blocks

  • colour scheme available

  • Nacra’s 1 year limited warranty​


Length: 4.3m

Width: 2.3m

Sail area mainsail: 11.88m2

Jib area: 1.97m2

Spinnaker: 11.46m2


Rocket & rolling...

nacra 430 rocket.jpeg

It[s really a pocket rocket but thanks to clever design, the trampoline space on the 430 is equal to that on the 500. There's plenty of room to stretch out.

Large storage lockers allows you to carry items and the spinnaker adds some real pep!



What we really liked about our 500 is the way it can do-it-all. Our original one was sailed from Singapore to Phuket and back! That should kind of prove its worth as a seaworthy, robust craft.

Thirty years on... The boat with the blue sails, is still active. At our last Singapore Catamaran Championship the 30 year old Nacra 5.0 placed second against much more hi-tech Formula 16 and F18 catamarans while sailing with a young crew that had never sailed a cat' before.

The long narrow hulls really slice cleanly through the water!​ There are no dagger boards so its light and uncomplicated. The boomless mainsail is a real bonus and the mast rotation automatically sets itself.

For the 2023 racing season, we tuned the 5.0's rig in the same manner that we tune the racing rigs.


This really changed the state of the boat and in the breeze the old 5.0 could keep up with the newer race boats. We only lost out as we didn't rig a spinnaker and so we suffered in the light downwind conditions as compared to the boats that could poer up with their kites! Next year we'll be back to surprise them.

Like all other Nacra’s, it is constructed with polyester sandwich foam giving the hulls great stiffness and strength. With high volume ahead of the beams and so doesn’t stuff the nose in. This hull volume translates a much higher load carrying capacity.

Kick up rudders allow for easy launching and recovery and make sailing easy.

​If you like your sailing simple and fast this is the catamaran for you.


Length: 5.00m

Width: 2.44m

Weight: 163 kg

Sail area: 17.65m2

Trapeze : 2 persons in trapeze

Construction:  Polyester foam sandwich

Designer: Nacra design team

Nacra 500. Do it all..


Our trusty 30 year-old Nacra 5.0 has done some miles but is still competitive amongst the N20's and the F16's. Next Championship we'll add a gennaker!

Slender hulls, simple rig and boomless mainsail means its easy to sail with just anybody.

nacra 500.jpg

The Nacra 5.0 became the Nacra 500 with a few updates but in reality, it's still the same underneath! But as we have proved, an old Nacra 5.0 can be just as quick as much more modern platforms.

Ours has done some miles... Read about our crazy epic

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