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  • Alice Lim

Singapore Yacht Festival '024

What a beauty!

We must say the One 15 Marina Team really put on a good festival this year and have eclipsed all the Shows preceding the '024 Version.

So a big thanks to Wade, Emma and the whole team. A great effort with great results!

No doubt, there were lots of good visitors and whether that's just because it's the first show post-covid or not, it was way up on previous shows!

The other big thing, was the sizes of the boats.

Paul Hakes the co-creator of the HH Catamaran line did comment "this is a small show for really big motor yachts and it's lucky we brought the HH88 along or else we would have felt out of place!"

That's a very true observation as the big red cat was the stunning show stopper. The colour had a lot to do with it as the average boat is still fridge-white!

The show was great for us as we had recently been given the Hanse Yachts Dealership for Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia so it was important to shine some light on that aspect.

The festival atmosphere was there and the two public days were also packed after 4pm when the furnace like temperature had dropped a bit!

Next year we will be back with an equally big surprise but I guess you'll all have to wait to see that one! In the meantime, we are processing some of the leads... tbc

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